Divine Coincidence..

Normaly when I fly from my home back to Switzerland I try to get a seat at the window so I can stay in silence and if somebody wants to get up for the toilet I need not to be in the way.

This time every time I tried to make online checkin the net didn’t work. I thought ok then I will go a little bit earlier to the airport to get a seat at the window. I went 3.5 hours earlier. The counter told me sorry Sir all windows seats are taking. So I asked Dada, ‘ok Dada if I cannot have a window seat at least let a person sit next to me with a nice conversation.’ I already forgot that interaction and came to my seat in row 42. At the window there was a lady from India. We welcomed each other and I sat down. She asked what I was doing in India. I said I met my Guruji. So she asked who my Guruji is. I thought for myself my Dada is not really very much known but I still said to her my Guruji is Dadashreeji. She looked at me with a smile and told me her Guruji is also Dadashreeji. We both burst out with laughter. We both thanked Dada. She told me she prayed to Dada to help her as she was afraid of flying. And so He brought us together and fulfilled every of our wishes. We enjoyed this wonderful flight together.

~ Mitr Kaivalya




To lead and to follow – The Trail of Ants

It is truly wonderful how some of Life’s biggest lessons can be learnt through the smallest of things; and when it comes from ‘The Saarthi’ Himself – the experience is nothing short of being profound.

The Manthan is the annual internal summit held by the MaitriBodh Parivaar, wherein teams from all over India gather to retrospect the activities through the past year and plan for the year to come, in the presence of Divine Friend Dadashreeji. It so happened that I got a chance to be with Him, standing outside His ‘kutir’ waiting for the commencement of one of the sessions.

As the most loving Master and Friend that Dada is, He was helping me understand my role as a Team leader and was explaining what a leader should be. As if He had asked Nature Herself to help me understand, at that precise moment, something quaint happened. He pointed at the steps to the kutir – a trail of ants had just started coming in – as if from nowhere. They were all marching in a single line, everyone following the one leading the whole swarm. Whatever path the leader took, everyone followed right up to the tiniest of twists and turns. If the leader was going straight so did everyone right up till the end; if it took a slight turn, so did the rest, not missing a single turn. It was truly fascinating and inspiring how they were all focused single pointedly on where the one in the front was leading them.

Dada’s loving voice broke my reverie: Prawesh, why do you think everyone is following the leader so precisely wherever it is leading them?

I thought for a moment and replied: Dada I think it is because of Trust. All of them have the faith that the leader will take them to the right place.

What else? – He asked

I thought about it for a long while. In the meanwhile, the leader had found a crack on the wall and it went inside leading in all of his army. All of them followed in a single queue. None of the ants seemed to worry about where the leader was taking them. They just seemed to have blind faith in their leader as it led them to their new found home.

I was still wondering what else it could be besides faith. At that moment, somewhere down the line, an ant seemed to have ‘lost’ its way. In stark contrast to how it had been marching with its team, now the ant’s path seemed chaotic; it had no clue where it was heading. It was truly lost, but desperately trying to find its way back. After what might have seemed like an eternity of wandering for the poor insect, it finally reached back to the line. If it could sigh, then it probably would’ve been a big sigh of relief. It was now back on the ‘path’ set by the leader on its way ‘home’.

Then it dawned on me – the ants followed the leader because they knew that they would all be lost without the leader. The only way to find home is to follow the leader.  I turned back to Dada and He was smiling like a most caring Father. He was taking us Home.

Something strange happened suddenly. Out of the crack came an ant, which started scurrying in the opposite direction. While all of the ants seemed to be moving towards their home in the cracks, this lone ranger, which suspiciously looked like the leader, went on running towards the other way. Once in a while, it would stop for a fraction of a second and communicate with the other ants, but it kept on running relentlessly.

My heightened curiosity made me follow this curious one’s marathon. The line of ants was coming to an end, but it didn’t seem to want to stop. And then I noticed, at the end of the ant trail, was a smaller ant. It was slower than the others, but was trying its best to keep up with everyone else. Nonetheless, it was slowly getting left behind. The leader finally stopped when it reached this small ant. It communicated something to it, which seemed like the sheer joy of having found a lost friend, and then rejoined the trail leading the smaller one back home.

A true leader will not rest until the last one of His friends is safely back ‘Home’. So it is with Dada. He too has tirelessly led His children and will care and look after each one of us till we are all back ‘Home’ – where we all belong.

~ Mitra Prawesh

A gift from Him…

This year I got a wonderful and unexpected opportunity to be at the ashram for Dussehra Bhet. I reached the ashram in time for the darshan of Dadashreeji. Having paid my respects to the Divine Mother Kali first, I entered the Dhyan Mandir and squeezed myself into the already filled hall. The program started with beautiful bhajans followed by chanting the Guru mantra. Amidst the chanting my Divine Friend Dadashreeji entered the Hall and enchanted everyone with HIS serene presence.

The Master than gave a very thought provoking talk on mindful speaking. The speech over, it was time to receive the blessings and the gift. One by one all of us went to the Master to do our pranams and receive our gift.

After receiving my gift I sat down to meditate in HIS Divine presence, but it was not be, as friends from the Parivaar were coming and greeting as we had not met for a long time. I wished to do some seva for the Master and seeing a friend fanning HIM from behind, I asked if I could do this and immediately was given the Fan in my hand. Very happily I started to fan my Divine Friend and as I was fanning I was internally saying ‘sorry Dada….please forgive me for all the anger and grief I show you when things don’t work my way’. I was repeating this many times internally when I noticed that the fan was very wobbly and it was not serving its purpose very well. I thought I will buy a nice ‘hand fan’ from the handicrafts shop and bring it to the ashram on my next visit. Giving the wobbly fan to another devotee who was waiting for seva, I sat down.

All my friends were opening their gifts and asked me to open mine, very reluctantly I opened my gift to be pleasantly surprised with a foldable hand fan which a few minutes earlier I had decided to buy for the Master ! I was so happy and delighted to get this gift, I immediately gave it to the devotee fanning Dadashreeji and she very happily used the new one little knowing that it was an immediate answer to a prayer for forgiveness…..

Dada’s way……most wonderful way!!! Thank you Dada for EVERYTHING !!!

~ Maitreyi Roopaji


You are… my Dada.

I had never thought that I would be fortunate enough to meet God and to work for Him … who could have imagined!!

During my adolescence I only wished that God would have greater plans for me than I had for myself and prayed to Him to make me an instrument of His purpose never actually knowing that You was listening so closely. I had read in a book “God is simple, everything else is complex” and You made me experience it.

Now, that I knew You were The Almighty, I wanted You to prove it. Let’s face it! This is how You made us. How can it be so simple? Nope, prove it. Show me a miracle. I was hoping for small stuff like You pulling out a rabbit from Your pocket but little did this foolish, limited conditioned mind know that You were already performing miracles on a much larger scale. Transforming people from the inside!!
Now, I believe that One Man has the power to change the world. Two years back I had never thought of donating blood. And now, here I am, convincing people on how important it is to help someone. That is the change YOU have brought in me and I know that this is just the beginning…

You, who is beyond the cycle of life and death, took human form to help us understand life, to help us realize who we are. You could have sent someone, yet You came down yourself, knowing that You would have to respect the human laws that You Yourself had created, just to walk the path with us. I cannot even think of repaying You because there is nothing I can do that will justify the sacrifice You have made. I don’t know what You saw in me apart from my innumerable vices but I am ecstatic that You chose me to help.

You have made me experience glimpses of You and Your divine madness, and my sanity can be seen nowhere in the picture. I pray to You –please give me more sewa so that I can enjoy your Divine madness more often. Every morning I feel the presence of my Divine friend who stays with me throughout the day no matter what happens. And I know no matter which turn my life takes , I will always have Your backing.

You are my Allah, You are my Waheguru , You are my Bhagwan, The Highest Truth, You are … my DADA.

~ Mitra Sukhamrit.

What does being spiritual mean?

As I was having my lunch today, a question started to trouble me. The question was
‘What does being spiritual mean?’
I was pondering over this question in my mind and thinking that it may mean being good or it may mean a desire to realize God or being a good human being and helping others and a number of thoughts and definitions were coming to the mind and nothing seemed to be satisfactory or appealing to the heart. I then asked my Divine Friend Dadashreeji internally what it means to be spiritual and without a pause my Guruji told me
‘being spiritual means being aware of the other’.
Now I was dumbfounded ….the answer was so simple and unexpected. I contemplated on my Gurujis answer and wherever I applied this, I found a satisfying reply.

First I applied it to myself, being aware of the other in me was my Higher Sacred Self or the Divine i.e. being aware of the Divine in me……when I am in awareness of this Divinity….can I do any harm to others…. ……No it would not be possible…….the higher self always telling you what to do and what not to.

Next I applied it to my family, being aware of the other in the family were my near and dear ones……..being aware of them as a part of the Divine……being aware of their needs for love, their aspirations, goals, likes, dislikes ………. Really if we are aware of each person in the family in the real sense……it would be a wonderful family full of love and caring. Aha! my Guruji, what a revelation !

I expanded this thought further to the society, it brought a host of things which as an individual I needed to be aware of the cleanliness of the surroundings, the neighbors, the people who work for us, the societies common amenities etc. If we could help each other and be aware of each other…..what a wonderful society we would have……….amazing Guruji!

With expanding awareness I applied this profound thought to our Bharat Varsh……..and there were endless things that I as an individual needed to be aware……..being aware of the right people to vote, being aware of my duties and responsibilities as a citizen like paying tax and so on…………and If I carried out each of these activities correctly……it would be a great job.

I applied this thought to different situations like a ‘traffic jam’ and found that it worked beautifully…….step by step, Guruji took me from the ‘Me’ awareness to the ‘ALL’ awareness and what amazing revelations it contained the simple words ‘Being aware of the other’……wah Guruji Wah !!!

~ Maitreyi Roopaji


The Signs

Divine Communication

Have you ever wondered how Divinity communicates with you?

Do you expect your Lord to come in a physical form with the same attire that you see Him/ Her with a glowing aura or flying in the air and talking to you?

Well Divinity has its own way of communicating and most us keep getting messages, but as is the case we are blind to these messages and keep looking for the lord to come floating in air to talk to us.

Its like in the famous book ‘ Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, where Santiago, a young and adventurous shepherd has this recurring dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church, about a treasure. He goes around the world as far as Egypt, hunting for that treasure, but finally finds it under the same tree in his village. So the same is with us!

In the first Bodh I still distinctly remember many of us asking that we would like to meet Dadashreeji personally for our queries and we were all told ‘pray to Him and ask for answers to your internal Dadashreeji and you will get the messages in various ways, either through paper, magazine, through a friend or dreams’ and I had a hearty laugh at this.

But then messages started coming whenever I would feel deeply connected with Him and looking for an answer. It could be through hoardings that would suddenly flash at that moment of connection giving straight the answer of what I was looking for, sometimes it was written on a vehicle (part of an ad or some statement), and at times it was a sign of something that I was meant to do.

Following are some of these signs…

While driving, saw this on the back of autorickshaw –circled in red (written in devanagri script ‘Dadanchi krupa’- which means grace of Dada)


This was really miraculous in Rome while taking a walk near a cathedral, a gelataria (icecream shop) had this name DADA!



In Auroville, near Chennai, I had 15 min to buy something for the mission and as I was lost…. I saw this shop named ‘Kalki’ the Divine Avataar, guided me straight to the first counter and I got what I wanted!


At a coffee shop next to ‘Colloseum’, in Rome… as European brothers and sisters sat for a coffee, again ‘Kalki’ Avataar blessing us!


Same has been the experience of so many in our parivaar….

It can become a book of ‘Divine Signs’. Requesting others to add their similar stories and pics!

~ Mitra Sut


My Sun has come..

Celebrating the return of Shams (of Tabriz) to Konya after his first extended absence, Rumi recited these lines, with a heart full of joy and love for his master and dear companion.

My sun and moon has come, my ears and eyes have come!
Those limbs of argent, that mine of gold has come! 

Let ebriation fill my head and light my eyes –
If there’s anything else you like, that too has come!

 The highwayman, breaker of repenting vows has come!
That Joseph with skin so fair, so sudden at my side!

 Today beats yesterday, my friend of auld lang syne,
And yesterday I was drunk since news of you had come!

 The one I sought for yesterday, lamp in hand
Swept today like wildflowers straight into my hand! 1

Rumi’s words for Shams resonate so deeply through my being. For all these years my soul has been aching to meet the one who will guide me to my destiny. Transform my life and help me find the purpose of this existence. The search itself took me to places, made me meet people, awakened beings, and masters of their own path. Many even said I should give up the search and then some wise ones said the famous saying “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” So I had to keep working on myself. Keep the fire alive. Keep the search on.

While thoughtfully picking the clothes I should wear for my first meeting with Him, all the stories that I have ever read or heard about a disciple meeting his master were ringing in my head. Paramhansa Yoganada’s first meeting with Sri Yukteshwar Giri; Shams’ and Rumi’s visions of each other’s whereabouts and then off course Mohini’s (a close friend) first encounter with her master.

I had decided that since its high time I get the answer, I am going to ask Him directly if he was my Guru – the master who would show me the path, the one I have been waiting for. With determined questions and high on Sufi love from the books I have been recently reading, I sat myself in a corner in the hall which had been carefully decorated and lovingly prepared to receive the presence of someone very special – Dadashreeji.

Dadashreeji – I had heard this name so many times in the past few months that it had almost begun to bug me. Everyone I met amongst my seeker friends kept chanting His name and called Him their Divine Friend. Over a period of time, constant effort and something beyond my control, I had started feeling some affection for the image that is referred as Shrimurti and has been in my sight ever so often.

In my personal conversations with divinity, I have called Him with various names from time to time, taking after my grandmother I would call Him Thakurji (a name for Shri Krishn), Shiv Baba (from Brahmakumaris), just Baba (to the loving Divine Father) but recently all this had been replaced by “Dada” – just plain Dada. Like an elder brother, like a friend, like a father, like love at the center of my heart. And it was finally time to meet my Dada and to know if I had come to the right place and my prayers have been answered.

As I opened my eyes after the usual chanting, I saw this young man seated where Dadashreeji was supposed to be. For a second, I thought this can’t be it. He can’t be Him. He is too young. He is probably younger than me (not that I am too young!). But this person seemed too young to be a spiritual master.

And the initial denial was replaced by the thought that He is so different from His pictures (Shrimurti). The photographer hasn’t been able to portray His personality completing.

This young man, seated in front of the gathering, was glowing with youth. He seemed so light as if there was no baggage that He had ever carried. He was simple, too simple to be where He was. But then isn’t that my own imagination. I carried a certain image of a spiritual master in my head all this while and He didn’t match with it completely. Nevertheless, there was something about Him that eventually grasped my complete attention. All initial thoughts vanished and I was completely engaged in His words about the new world order. The positive, constructive world order – a society that I have always dreamt of. Yes! It didn’t matter if He was Divine, if He was a spiritual master, if He was mine and I, his. What mattered was that if He is going to lead us into a constructive change then I am with Him and this feeling was stronger than any doubt or question.

Coming to questions, when the final moment arrived where I could go to Him and ask, point – black, if He was the one; I had forgotten all my questions. I found myself standing infront of Him looking into his eyes and oozing gratitude that my prayers have been answered. I couldn’t hold my gaze and couldn’t look at His face for more than a second because my eyes failed me, the tears blurred my vision and the sheer gratitude towards the Divine that overtook my heart was too overwhelming.

With a bowed head and open hands I received whatever He gave and walked away contented.

My Sun had come.

With Gratitude for Divine,
~ Maitreyi Kanika

  1. Translation taken from the book “Rumi – past and present, east and west” by Franklin D. Lewis (2000), Oneworld Publications