You are being watched.


I was driving a car with my sister on the passenger seat and I over ran a red light. In no time she inquired what was wrong with me and I was quick to reply,” don’t worry,there are no CCTV cameras around.” With a smile on her face, setting a final blow and giving me a thought to chew upon she asked, “what about THE ONE WITHIN?” I was done for the rest of the drive.
Quite a many times, we do stuff thinking that no one is watching us or it wouldn’t get accounted for but there is always an invisible camera that is watching and recording every move we make and all that is going on in our mind. You see THE CREATOR is smart, He situated the camera right within us. You may look over some of your mistakes but the camera won’t cease to record. There are times when you meet people you don’t really like. You greet them with a smile but you have already killed them a couple of times in your mind. Here, the other guy would never get to know but the hidden camera will always know.
Don’t be mistaken. The Divine will not wait for your life to end before He gives you a balance sheet. The current times are too fast to wait untill next lifetime. He is settling your accounts as your life progresses. You have the power to influence your future. Don’t waste time in taking revenge, let karma deal with it.
Invest in the positive,
Deal in good vibes.
Stay connected to your Divine and the Divine will take care of your thoughts.
Sow Love, Reap Love.




My brother and sister-in-law have been blessed with a baby recently. Everyone in the family from the children to the elders are overjoyed and full of excitement to welcome the new-born. So I had gone to pay a visit to the hospital to see and congratulate the elated couple. Amongst all the hustle and bustle going around, the child was fast asleep. I say it very often but that expression on the child’s face taught me what “sleeping like a baby” means. No TENSION, no fear and deep in his sleep, just looking at him would bring a broad smile to your face, the child was nothing short of a Divine being.

He is doing what newborns do best- deep in sleep, living in another world of dreams and yet they become a source of joy and radiate love.
Imagine if we all could sleep that way. No matter what life situation you are in, no matter how bad the conditions are but you get a sound sleep because He is guarding you and you have faith in Him that what ever is happening is His Will.

Quite often I GIVE IT TO DADA AND GO TO SLEEP and believe you me, that’s one of the best choices I have made.
The Divine is always willing to help but we try to do stuff in our own way and then it’s a crisscross of tangles. With all innocence, call out to the form of the Divine you connect with and ask Him to interfere. Once you do that, take a back seat and have faith in your faith.

In gratitude and eternal love,
Handing over my life’s reins to Dada,
Mitra Shivam.

The Sun Flower

When Dadashreeji teaches you single pointed focus through a Sunflower
Ever wondered why is it called Sunflower?

It is the only flower which keeps its focus single pointedly at the Sun. Days pass by but its focus does not deviate. Right from the early morning it starts its journey from the east concentrating on the Sun with an unwavering focus and continues to watch until it sets in the West and then rests at night only to start again in the morning. It is as if the plant meditates on the Sun. This plant has shown so much concentration and dedication that it is named after its Master, The Sun so much so that it even resembles its Master- the petals are the rays of the Sun and the round bud in the middle from which the petals originate, looks like the Sun. If you closely monitor its activities, the plant doesn’t do much apart from concentrating at the Sun. It feeds on the Sun. Its oils are extensively used and seeds are separately consumed as the byproducts are a good source of vitamins and energy.

Only if we could replicate this activity in our human lives too. Only if we could single pointedly focus at Our Master’s Lotus Feet, our lives will be sorted. We would be able to radiate our Master’s Love. We would become His Medium of spreading Love and Peace. He would be reflected in our actions and our words. All those who don’t know Him, would know Him through us.

Fear, anger, hatred, lust, jealousy and such emotions will wash away once we start focusing on our Divine Friend’s Feet. If we could just stop everything and focus at that one point, we will automatically start walking the Divine path- the path that was originally set for us.

Dada bless us so that we can single pointedly focus at Your Lotus Feet and radiate Your Divine Love. Thank you for showing us how it’s done.

At your Lotus Feet,
Mitra Shivam.


Amongst all the festivals in India, this one is regarded as the most colourful and exciting which includes a 10 days long celebration.

He was short, heavy and his father severed his head because they both once got involved in a heated argument. To make up for the severed head, Shiv Ji replaced it with an elephant’s head with a missing tooth. You can very well imagine he wasn’t among the good looking Gods. So why do we worship our friend Ganesha?

He is never known to have hated any one, never kept ill will against any one and his innocence was beyond anyone’s reach. Though his father killed him and then gave him a rebirth yet he never stopped loving and respecting him. He was once asked to race with his brother to take rounds of the world, while his brother went for it, he instead took rounds of his parents and propounded that his parents were his world.


Very few know that Ganpati ji was a great listener, his extra large sized ears sure did come in handy. Such a good listener that Ved Vyasa chose him to recite the whole Mahabharatha so that Ganesh Ji could pen it down. You see, no one has ever learnt by speaking, it is when you start listening, you start learning. So many of us visit temples to speak but only a handful stay to listen. What is He trying to tell us? How many of us listen and follow our inner voice? Only your inner divine knows what’s best for you.

He is widely preached as the remover of obstacles and his mantras are extensively used in hawans. He followed a very simple principle. LISTEN TO YOUR INNER DIVINE, LET IT GUIDE YOU, LET IT LEAD YOU. He was very well connected to his inner divine and followed it religiously.

Do the same. Let your heart guide you and let it remove all obstacles for you. Take out time to listen to yourself, life is not a race. Feel your self, experience your self. On this auspicious day let us chant Dadashreeji mantra and go inside our inner temple not to speak but to listen, to experience His Divine Love.

At Your Lotus Feet,

Mitr Shivam.

Dada, my Smooth Sailor

When for the first time, Maitreyi Komal called me up to ask whether I would be willing to host Dadashreeji’s Padukas, I refused because I felt I am not qualified enough. There may be more deserving devotees who would like to do that. But the calling had to happen and I got a second call from Komal where she had reached the ashram to collect the padukas and said that my name came very strongly in her mind here and that she should call me. I couldn’t refuse then and felt that this was Dada calling me. I felt if He has decided to come to my house He will make way for everything else as well.

The D-day came and I set out to collect the Padukas. I was extremely nervous. I hadn’t done something like this before. In fact while driving, I lost my way a little bit and reached 20 minutes late. But then they say everything happens for a reason. The moment I entered the colony of the devotee which had the padukas, it was crowded and didn’t have a single space for parking. I tried going into a by lane, got stuck, got out with difficulty and by the time I reached the devotees flat, she was there waiting for me at the entrance and said I could park right there!! This was a miracle as she herself shared later that this space is never free and how come it got free today. Because Dada had to come. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Then when we went up and sat down in front of the padukas, my heart started pounding very fast. I was very nervous and felt can I do this? In my nervousness, I couldn’t listen to the instructions properly. Then we finally left with the Padukas.

Jasneet and I were in the car and chatting a bit on the way. Finally reached and there was a welcome party waiting to welcome Dada. Mohini and Saroj ma were there decorating to welcome Dada.

We did all the vidhis together and settled Dada into my home. Then came the time which I spent alone with Him. I was mesmerised totally by the energy and felt so blessed and comforted. I actually felt that He was there with me and responding to everything that I was telling Him.

He is my true companion. I slept in the same room and did all the vidhis as instructed. Then the time came in the morning to let Him go to the other devotee’s house. I didn’t feel like letting Him go.

I felt I was losing a part of myself. Saw Him off and felt as if there was a void in the room. Became very contemplative and went back to sleep again. When I got up, I missed Him the whole day and next day as if my Best Friend had left. Finally when I had an internal discussion with Him, I realised that He is always in my heart. He is my Eternal Friend.

Thank you Dada for giving me this deep realisation that You are always there with me at every step.

In gratitude and eternal love,

At Your Lotus Feet.

Richa Handa.


I was suggested by a friend to join Sneh Sanskar Gurukul in Amritsar as a teacher. It was only morning-noon few hours so I joined happily to help them and continue with other coachings in the evening. The children come from very downtrodden families. If this school wasn’t there, they would probably be begging on the streets and lead very unhygienic, unfulfilling lives. But I think the Lord God up there loves these children a lot as He got a special gurukul started for them in such vicinity that they hardly have to travel plus they get their mid-day nutritional meals also where they would have otherwise gone hungry. I was told to make the children chant Dadashreeji mantra every morning as He is the one who conceptualized this Gurukul. We would say His mantra three times every morning and thank Him for the beautiful opportunity of transforming the lives of these adorable children. I was never personally attached to Dadashreeji. I visited Him in the ashram once when we took these children and other special children for His blessings. He is a spiritual guru but He is very young and so simple. I didn’t even talk to Him. Just sitting around Him was a beautiful experience. We automatically became calm and felt peaceful. I think His voice is so soft that when you hear it, and it enters your ears, it takes peace and calmness with it to every cell of your body. We came back to Amritsar and I continued my work at the gurukul. A few days back, at night I was doing my regular prayers when I somehow I thought of Dadashreeji and told Him, “I don’t know why so many people believe in you. If you really are something and you love me, then prove it to me.” You know those emotional moments happen between the Guru and His children and then we forget about them. On the day of rakhi, we had organised rakhi celebrations for our gurukul children. I got rakhis from the market. I even got one for Dadashreeji and passed it to Tanya mam, the other teacher to tie to Dada. Something happened. She turned to me and said, “no you tie it to Dada.” I always tie rakhi to Bal Gopal ji as I believe in Him a lot. When I took the rakhi to tie it to Dada, I felt that Bal Gopal was getting rakhi tied from me. It was such a beautiful feeling. In that instant, Dada’s picture in our gurukul looked so different. He seemed just like my Bal Gopal. As if Bal Gopal was blessing me through Dadashreeji and telling me that I am taking care of you through Him. My family believes in a guruji and all have taken his name (been initiated by him) but somehow whenever I reach the temple to get initiated, I just can’t get out of the car or I leave the temple just before my turn. Now I know why. It was just not right for me. I know Dadashreeji will bless me and initiate me. Waiting for that day Dada. Thank You for everything. I know that You work a lot for Your devotees and their well-being. I pray that may Your health always be fine and may You be successful in Your endeavor to make the world grow and experience Your Love.

Lots of love,

Deeksha Arora


Janam ashtami. It is the day celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. He is known to be the 8th incarnation of Vishnu. He was born in times when cruelty was at its worst, women did not have the right to a dignified life and even his own enlightened Uncle Kans tried to kill him for more power. Krishna initiated Mahabharatha- one of the greatest massacres on Earth. He was called ‘Maakhan Chor’ for stealing butter and yogurt through creative ways. A lot of people during his lifetime had experienced him as The Lord of all creation. He Himself knew that He was God. All this could have gained Him respect for we are taught today that Gods should be feared. but why was it that He was loved and revered more than any other king or human being during His physical lifetime? It was for what He did as a human being and not because He held the position of God. If you look at the whole picture His purpose was to manifest Mahabhartha. He was a great leader and that too a wise one. He led The Kaurawas and The Pandawas to war and never misguided any of them. He performed His kartavya(duty). He freed several women from the bondages of human slavery and was man enough to accept all of them in His life when others were hesitant to take them back. Most importantly He was their own, not someone living up above but the one who lived among them, with them. He was the Lord of the universe, the maker of rules but when He took a human birth, He made sure that He too was bound by all the human rules and died because of a spell enchanted by the mother of Kaurawas. In a world created by Him where He could have been anything, He chose to be loving and compassionate. He was loving and full of life and at the same time He was a social reformer and a compassionate God. He being the source of all knowledge could have made everyone sit down and jot down notes, He chose to be a leader who lead by example, He showed them how it’s done. It is to that for which we bow down to Him and pay our obeisance. It really doesn’t matter what position you hold or how many number of badges you hang on your chest. The divine will smile when you make Him proud by touching hearts and infusing Love in their lives. Strive to fulfill and complete your duties towards other. Let this be a day when we connect to our inner Dadashreeji and ask for such qualities.

At Your Lotus Feet,

Mitra Shivam.