The Signs

Divine Communication

Have you ever wondered how Divinity communicates with you?

Do you expect your Lord to come in a physical form with the same attire that you see Him/ Her with a glowing aura or flying in the air and talking to you?

Well Divinity has its own way of communicating and most us keep getting messages, but as is the case we are blind to these messages and keep looking for the lord to come floating in air to talk to us.

Its like in the famous book ‘ Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, where Santiago, a young and adventurous shepherd has this recurring dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church, about a treasure. He goes around the world as far as Egypt, hunting for that treasure, but finally finds it under the same tree in his village. So the same is with us!

In the first Bodh I still distinctly remember many of us asking that we would like to meet Dadashreeji personally for our queries and we were all told ‘pray to Him and ask for answers to your internal Dadashreeji and you will get the messages in various ways, either through paper, magazine, through a friend or dreams’ and I had a hearty laugh at this.

But then messages started coming whenever I would feel deeply connected with Him and looking for an answer. It could be through hoardings that would suddenly flash at that moment of connection giving straight the answer of what I was looking for, sometimes it was written on a vehicle (part of an ad or some statement), and at times it was a sign of something that I was meant to do.

Following are some of these signs…

While driving, saw this on the back of autorickshaw –circled in red (written in devanagri script ‘Dadanchi krupa’- which means grace of Dada)


This was really miraculous in Rome while taking a walk near a cathedral, a gelataria (icecream shop) had this name DADA!



In Auroville, near Chennai, I had 15 min to buy something for the mission and as I was lost…. I saw this shop named ‘Kalki’ the Divine Avataar, guided me straight to the first counter and I got what I wanted!


At a coffee shop next to ‘Colloseum’, in Rome… as European brothers and sisters sat for a coffee, again ‘Kalki’ Avataar blessing us!


Same has been the experience of so many in our parivaar….

It can become a book of ‘Divine Signs’. Requesting others to add their similar stories and pics!

~ Mitra Sut



My Sun has come..

Celebrating the return of Shams (of Tabriz) to Konya after his first extended absence, Rumi recited these lines, with a heart full of joy and love for his master and dear companion.

My sun and moon has come, my ears and eyes have come!
Those limbs of argent, that mine of gold has come! 

Let ebriation fill my head and light my eyes –
If there’s anything else you like, that too has come!

 The highwayman, breaker of repenting vows has come!
That Joseph with skin so fair, so sudden at my side!

 Today beats yesterday, my friend of auld lang syne,
And yesterday I was drunk since news of you had come!

 The one I sought for yesterday, lamp in hand
Swept today like wildflowers straight into my hand! 1

Rumi’s words for Shams resonate so deeply through my being. For all these years my soul has been aching to meet the one who will guide me to my destiny. Transform my life and help me find the purpose of this existence. The search itself took me to places, made me meet people, awakened beings, and masters of their own path. Many even said I should give up the search and then some wise ones said the famous saying “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” So I had to keep working on myself. Keep the fire alive. Keep the search on.

While thoughtfully picking the clothes I should wear for my first meeting with Him, all the stories that I have ever read or heard about a disciple meeting his master were ringing in my head. Paramhansa Yoganada’s first meeting with Sri Yukteshwar Giri; Shams’ and Rumi’s visions of each other’s whereabouts and then off course Mohini’s (a close friend) first encounter with her master.

I had decided that since its high time I get the answer, I am going to ask Him directly if he was my Guru – the master who would show me the path, the one I have been waiting for. With determined questions and high on Sufi love from the books I have been recently reading, I sat myself in a corner in the hall which had been carefully decorated and lovingly prepared to receive the presence of someone very special – Dadashreeji.

Dadashreeji – I had heard this name so many times in the past few months that it had almost begun to bug me. Everyone I met amongst my seeker friends kept chanting His name and called Him their Divine Friend. Over a period of time, constant effort and something beyond my control, I had started feeling some affection for the image that is referred as Shrimurti and has been in my sight ever so often.

In my personal conversations with divinity, I have called Him with various names from time to time, taking after my grandmother I would call Him Thakurji (a name for Shri Krishn), Shiv Baba (from Brahmakumaris), just Baba (to the loving Divine Father) but recently all this had been replaced by “Dada” – just plain Dada. Like an elder brother, like a friend, like a father, like love at the center of my heart. And it was finally time to meet my Dada and to know if I had come to the right place and my prayers have been answered.

As I opened my eyes after the usual chanting, I saw this young man seated where Dadashreeji was supposed to be. For a second, I thought this can’t be it. He can’t be Him. He is too young. He is probably younger than me (not that I am too young!). But this person seemed too young to be a spiritual master.

And the initial denial was replaced by the thought that He is so different from His pictures (Shrimurti). The photographer hasn’t been able to portray His personality completing.

This young man, seated in front of the gathering, was glowing with youth. He seemed so light as if there was no baggage that He had ever carried. He was simple, too simple to be where He was. But then isn’t that my own imagination. I carried a certain image of a spiritual master in my head all this while and He didn’t match with it completely. Nevertheless, there was something about Him that eventually grasped my complete attention. All initial thoughts vanished and I was completely engaged in His words about the new world order. The positive, constructive world order – a society that I have always dreamt of. Yes! It didn’t matter if He was Divine, if He was a spiritual master, if He was mine and I, his. What mattered was that if He is going to lead us into a constructive change then I am with Him and this feeling was stronger than any doubt or question.

Coming to questions, when the final moment arrived where I could go to Him and ask, point – black, if He was the one; I had forgotten all my questions. I found myself standing infront of Him looking into his eyes and oozing gratitude that my prayers have been answered. I couldn’t hold my gaze and couldn’t look at His face for more than a second because my eyes failed me, the tears blurred my vision and the sheer gratitude towards the Divine that overtook my heart was too overwhelming.

With a bowed head and open hands I received whatever He gave and walked away contented.

My Sun had come.

With Gratitude for Divine,
~ Maitreyi Kanika

  1. Translation taken from the book “Rumi – past and present, east and west” by Franklin D. Lewis (2000), Oneworld Publications




Just stand there!

Editor’s Note –

One can never truly understand the workings of the Divine, we just have to have faith and do our bit. Once in a session Dada was asked, “How to reach out to people?” and Dada smiled and replied’ “You just have to go and stand there”.
One such experience of a Mitra, who just went and stood there, and help was rendered to the person who needed it most.
Dada and His Leela…
MitraKaivalya,.. in his own words –

I was on a trip to London. The person who invited me, told to come for 2 days. So I booked a flight ticket for 2 days. The person who asked me to come had difficulties arranging venue and people. So as I came, there were no people and no venue was available to have meditations. So I went internal and then went to the famous Hyde park corner. As it was early in the year only one other person was there, where normally dozens of speaker entertain the crowds. So I placed Dadashreeji’s Shrimurthy and on a paper I wrote “Serving Humanity“ to at least let people passing by understand what I was doing there. First day passed. I was sitting on the floor and meditating and praying. Tourists came by and took a picture. That was the only interaction I had if one could call it interaction. I didn’t get a chance to talk to anybody.

Second day came. Again I was on my own. Later afternoon a very tall man with black hair, black beard and big black glasses stood 2 meters away from me. He asked me what are you doing here. I told him I’m helping people. He said he had no money. I told him I will not take any money from you. So he came closer and sat down. Now I could see that his hair was artificial, his beard was artificial, his face and his chest was covered with plastic surgery. His beard he just colored with a black pen.

So the man told me his story as people from the country he came, chased him for religious reasons, and poured acid over his head, face and body.

I gave him what Dada gave me and asked him if he would accept a gift from me. He said yes so I gave him my last money which he refused. I told him it would make me happy if he would enjoy that money. So he took it and walked away.

~ Mitra Kaivalya


When I look within me,
Your Lotus Feet I see.
With my eyes open,
There is a blurred yet intense Divine Light formation.

In long beautiful roads where I drive
Suddenly, in the distance You arrive.
When I fold my hands to pray,
Ever more closer to me You stay.

With my each laughter, I feel You rejoice.
In my each sorrow, I sense Your remorse.

You exist in my shadow, You flow in my breath.
Your love. Your Grace. Your warm embrace….

Make me Yours Dada, make me so pure.
That when I look in the mirror, the image is YOU.

~ Maitreyi Anjita

Experience Him…

“If you experience me, you experience true unconditional love within. If you experience true love and truth, you experience me.”- Dadashreeji

How can you pen this experience? Can I try?
What do I write?
 How do I begin?

Cause no words in human dictionary have capability of truly capturing this experience!

This experience of experiencing Dadashreeji…. Let me connect with Him internally
 and wait.. 

Yes here it is now…
The heart expanding … bursting…
Out of some inexpressible feeling…
May I call it Peace… Calmness…. Love? 
May be…!
 There the unmistakable tears start rolling…. Not out of sorrow
, But as if a volcano up surging within!
 Again I search for words… Of Love?…. 
Its much more !!

 There are pothis and pothis (giant texts) on how to reach that final destination.
 Ultimate end point of all these is to discover that ONENESS AND LOVE within….and drown into that experience….. to become that experience….LOVE ……

and what all these pothis describe!!!! So many methods, techniques, ways to painstakingly try and reach there….
Even after doing all that… there is no guarantee you will become that Love… cause the final transformation is bestowed only and only by divine grace.

And here… Dadashreeji says (in the first part)…
just simply experience Him..
and you are on your way there….

Experience this yourself…..
Cause this experience is individualistic …..
personal…. Begins with His bond…. connection
And with this experience,
the journey begins
TRUTH starts revealing….

Dadashreeji Sharanam

~ Mitra Sut

A Master’s words fulfilled.

Editors Note: The following experience was shared by a Sevak recently in Seattle. Dadashreeji, currently on a USA tour, conducted Bodh in the city. 
The writer – Vijayji, opened up his home and heart for Dadashreeji and the accompanying team by shifting out of his house for the week and allowing the team full services and use of his home.
After experiencing Dada’s Love and Grace and spending some precious moments in His presence, Vijayji, shared his experience and the deep sense of connection he felt in Dada’s presence.

In Vijayji’s words – as a mail written to the Sevak Team.

Hello (addressed to the sevak),

Hope things are going well & you are busy as ever – planning and working for the Chicago Bodh. I admire your energy in this regard.

It was really joyful to see & be in the company of Dadashreeji this past week. I would like to thank Him for the opportunity to interact with Him so closely.

What strikes me is His simplicity and kindness. Even in the middle of critical times (like the time i almost caused all of you to miss your outbound flight), He was very calm and was more concerned if we had eaten our breakfast. Not for a second did i see Him disturbed.

I am not so spiritually evolved to claim miraculous visions etc. Despite that, I can definitely say that at times my head would feel a tingling sensation around the crown/ top portion & many times I would have tears in my eyes when I was talking to Him.

For me, the most memorable part will always be His decision to stay in my small apartment. It is more so significant due to following –

Around 2003 or so, i came across a real Master in India. Appaji as we called him, lived 2 minutes walk from my parents home. I would visit Him often when i was in India. He had once blessed me a spiritual experience that leads me to believe that He was no ordinary soul.

Before His passing away, He had mentioned that He would visit my home in the US & that He would come and stay at our place for 8 – 10 days with everyone. While that did not happen (as He passed away in 2009), His words remained with me & i wondered about their significance – since i do believe that a Master does not make idle talk.

It was indeed more than a coincidence for me when Dadashreeji decided to stay in our Kirkland apartment & Appaji’s words immediately came to my mind – I knew in my own mind that Dadashreeji was visiting in place of Appaji & that He was thus fulfilling what Appaji had said few years ago.

I really feel very happy that i had the opportunity to meet Dadashreeji & hope my connection with Him will grow & flourish with His blessings.


~ Vijayji

An Offering

Offer your nose and My Perfume shall be smelt

Offer your ears and My Music shall be heard

Offer your skin and My Touch shall be felt

Offer your mouth and My Song shall be sung

Offer your eyes and My Face shall be seen

Offer your mind and My Essence shall be understood

Offer your heart and My Love shall be felt

Offer your being and My Grace shall fill all emptiness

~ Maitreyi Jagruti