The purpose of this blog is not to make fantastical claims or to persuade its readers to believe in Dada.
This blog is an expression of LOVE.
It is about experiences shared with Dada, the impact His words have made on us, the feeling He has left within all of us. For some He is a Guru, for some He is a friend, others see Him as a sound advisor and yet other as their rock.
This blog will not define Him, for it cannot. But what it aims at doing is bringing closer all the people who are connected to Him and feel His Love and Grace.
It’s a platform for people to express themselves, it acts as a medium of understanding His profound words from our perspectives, it is the bridge that connects Him to the world.
This is a combined effort from all the hearts that Dada has already touched. It reflects the deepest feelings, emotions and heartfelt gratitude of ‘MaitriBodh Parivaar’ devotees towards Dadashreeji and the Divinity, bringing seekers from all caste, race, location, together with a common thread of unconditional love towards each other and selfless service for humanity.
Feel the pulsations of that love and gratitude as you read through and most importantly your contribution towards each blog in the form of response, comments and likes will create a wave of love and transformation connecting all of us as One.

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