An unforgettable experience with Divine Friend Dadashreeji at Peace within Retreat, Dunagiri.

My experience of the Dunagiri Retreat is so profound and deep that ‘granths’ (holy books) can be written on it. In this article, I am just sharing one feeling that I experienced post retreat when I returned home. This would give a glimpse of the retreat that was too profound for words to capture it.

Generally, when I return home from a holiday the first thing I do is to unpack my suitcase. Put the soiled clothes to wash and then begins the routine. But, after this retreat I didn’t want to unpack my soiled clothes from the suitcase. As these soiled clothes had the soil and memories from all the treks that we had gone to with our Divine Friend Dadashreeji. This soil was a witness to all the sublime moments of experiencing supreme Divine Love in all its magnificent facets at the picturesque retreat at Dunagiri. The soiled clothes were my prized possessions and more precious than the crystals, silverware and jewelry that I had in my house.

This Peace within retreat with Dadashreeji made me experience so much love in my heart that it is the only place where want to be. The invigorating memories are flowing and what remains is peace and joy.

Thank you Dadashreeji, and the entire cosmos for making it possible for me to participate in the Divine Retreat; as it has transformed my entire being.


Maitreyi Mamta.


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