My Dada, my Inner Voice.

Driving a car in heavy traffic is a big pain especially when you know that auto drivers and bikers will just cut lanes and come from anywhere. At such a time, the sensors in a car are extremely helpful. They start beeping when something comes close to the car and warn danger. The closer the other object comes, the faster the sensors beep, alarming you to stop, slow down or go the other way.
Once you start driving a car with sensors, you will not be able to drive without it simply because they make life so much simpler and easier. The new age cars come with in-built sensors. One can also get them installed on your own later.

Lucky for us, we all come with in-built sensors – the inner voice of the Divine within us. It guides us at all times on its own. When we are about to bang into something harmful, take the wrong turn or so much as even give the wrong indicator to a new choice, it starts beeping – guiding us from within. Depending on the traffic noises outside of us (read influence of the mind, situations, our connection with ourselves internally and many more such factors), the guiding inner voice may get dimmed. We may not be able to hear it at all times but it surely beeps. The stronger your connection with it, the stronger the voice will be at every step of your life.

Immensely grateful to Dadashreeji, for reconnecting us with our Inner Divine and blessing us with Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan to re-establish and strengthen our bond with the Divine.

In gratitude and love,

At Your Lotus Feet.

Maitreyi Anjita


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