The Chinese Roses

Dada Sharanam,

This incident happened in the month of March. I have certain hanging plants in my house, like the white Chinese Roses – my favourite! However, due to some fungus the plant had started to wilt. I tried hard to save that plant, but in vain. I sat in front of the Shreemurti and suddenly my gaze turned towards the glass of water that I keep for the Dadashreeji. I drank some of it and decided to pour the remaining water to my dying plant. I prayed to Dada, asking Him to please save it. After almost a week, I saw the first ray of hope when my plant began to bloom with small white flowers all over. Dadashreeji’s teertha (blessed holy water) worked its magic. This is been thoroughly the work of the Divine and the blessed water.

Thank you, Dadashreeji for answering my prayer and for this beautiful experience.
Rupali Umbargikar-Bidwai


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