The Chinese Roses

Dada Sharanam,

This incident happened in the month of March. I have certain hanging plants in my house, like the white Chinese Roses – my favourite! However, due to some fungus the plant had started to wilt. I tried hard to save that plant, but in vain. I sat in front of the Shreemurti and suddenly my gaze turned towards the glass of water that I keep for the Dadashreeji. I drank some of it and decided to pour the remaining water to my dying plant. I prayed to Dada, asking Him to please save it. After almost a week, I saw the first ray of hope when my plant began to bloom with small white flowers all over. Dadashreeji’s teertha (blessed holy water) worked its magic. This is been thoroughly the work of the Divine and the blessed water.

Thank you, Dadashreeji for answering my prayer and for this beautiful experience.
Rupali Umbargikar-Bidwai

The Miraculous Escape

Dada Sharnam Everyone,

My name is Varun Zaveri and I fly as a crew member with the Swiss International Airlines. I would like to share this incident which happened with me on my flight from Mumbai to Zurich. All passengers & crew were on board and we were ready to take off. As a part of my daily routine, I always pray to Dadashreeji before the plane takes off. The aircraft engines started rolling and the airplane was running on full speed for the take-off when suddenly the aircraft started to shake violently. The entire plane was vibrating & the passengers sitting next to the engine saw sparks coming out of the engine. One of the engines had actually stopped working. The captain of the airplane immediately pushed the break buttons to the max and the airplane stopped after rolling a few meters away on the main runway itself. To my surprise fire trucks reached there within 2-3 minutes & hosed down the entire aircraft. The only thing that came to my mind was that Dadashreeji had just saved all of us. I felt His strong presence around me and offered my gratitude to Him. He had not only saved my life that fateful day, but also those of the 232 souls aboard. This is just one of the instances of the many when one connects with a true Master. He is always by your side, protecting and guiding constantly with unconditional love for one and all.

Varun Zaveri

An Unspoken Desire

Once I was listening to a song- Koi Deewana Kehta Hai. I thoroughly loved it and started singing it over and over all day long with all my heart. No surprise that I was singing this for my Divine friend Dadashreeji. The lyrics are as follows.

Koi deewana kehta hai, koi pagal samajhta hai
(Some people think I am a crazy person)

Magar dharti ki bechaini ko bas badal samajhta hai
(But only the clouds can understand the longing of a parched land)

Main tujhse door kaisa hoon, tu mujhse door kaisa hai
(How we are away from each other)

Ye tera dil samajhta hai ya tera dil samajhta hai.
(Only our hearts know)

Bhramar koi Kumudni par machal baitha toh hungama
(use of figurative language… bhramar-insect, Kumudni-name of a flower. Love faces opposition)…. Continues

After singing it for the entire day, I realized that I had never seen a Kumudni flower. In my state of total connection with the Divine, I started to think what is Kumudni? Must be some exotic tree in Vrindaban I thought. I would like to see Kumudni. This thought came in my mind.

Then next day I was prompted to go for watching a movie at a farmhouse.

After the movie when I was coming back I felt like sitting quietly by the pond at that farmhouse for some time. As I reached near the pond I saw some people clicking pictures of the flowers in the pond. A person standing there told me, “Madam, you have come at a very good time. These are very rare ‘Kumudni flowers’ they bloom only at night.” He also informed me that these flowers represent female energy. They look similar to the Lotus but are different. I was enamored by the beauty of these flowers and the ways of Dada. The whole place seemed to be filled with silent mystical LOVE. I sat there, absorbing the beauty of the place and the Love of the Divine.
Without even having prayed or asked for it, Dada knew that I wanted to see the Kumudini flower and had fulfilled it .This is what Dada says “You can experience the Divine through two ways – Love and Selfless service.” While singing with love, I had reached a point where I got totally absorbed in the emotion. The ‘bond’ with the Divine, helped me experience what we call ’Dadamayi Consciousness’.
Thank you Dadashreeji, for this beautiful experience! May my love for the Divine grow with every breath I take.

At Your Lotus Feet,

Maitreyi Mamta.