My Dada, My Home.

I remember the first time I came to the ashram for Bodh 1. I didn’t know what a master or spirituality was or even what an ashram was for.

I was going along as a very close friend had insisted that we check it out. After listening to Dadashreeji speak on various topics, the common line that was being spoken about was connect to your Master or Guide or whatever form of the Divine you naturally connect with. I felt a little embarrassed and had to ask, “can I take you as my guide as I don’t have one?”

I felt so comfortable with the things He was saying it was if I was naturally connected to Him and it was so clear that there could be no other person I would be able to relate to. When He said, “yes, if that’s what you feel like”, it was as if a life time of weight had come off me. I couldn’t understand at that time the importance of what had just happened. In my limited understanding at that time, I thought I had just agreed to follow the words of someone that was explaining life in the simplest way that I had heard of.

Little did I know my life was about to completely change and my spiritual journey was about to come before me. I guess I was always on this path but just never realised or understood it until I heard Dada speak. When He said “Yes” I could take Him as my guide. It felt as if I had returned Home from a long journey.

In gratitude and love,
Mitr Shaan.


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