The Sauna bath experience

I am sure a lot of us have taken a sauna bath. Just want to take you through the experience.
You enter the sauna room. The door is closed and the heating system is switched on. It’s usually dark in there and that dim red light doesn’t really help the cause. You can see the artificial coal burning which is actually producing heat. Slowly the temperature rises and so does your restlessness. Your body begins to perspirate and with that comes the uneasy feeling of clamminess and that feeling of “when will it end,when will it end”. There is nothing that can divert your mind from the heat, not even for a minute, some quit and some hold on to completely go through to bath. And finally the door opens bringing in the outer air inside which is though at room temperature but feels so cool because of all that you have been through for the past twenty minutes.

Quite a few go through the same experience every day when their conditioned mind takes over them and there is a disconnect with their heart. The artificial coal is our brain. When we shun our hearts (step in and close the door) it is going to become dark and when the mind takes over ( switching on the artificial coal burner) we are bound to lose our peace of mind. That uneasiness steps in and nothing seems nice. When there is no peace with in me, I am vulnerable and I will create a ruckus in the lives of all those who are connected to me. Think for yourself, generally problem starts with one person and then it spreads. One becomes prone to fear, insecurity, too possessive about any small thing, mood swings etcetra.
The problem is we believe peace of mind comes from mind itself. Actually, it comes from your heart. When one’s mind is alligned with one’s heart he will feel peace of mind. That is where the key lies. We have to connect to our heart ( open the door) to solve the problem ( let the cool air enter). But the mind is a master in its trade.
It will come up with all sorts of thoughts and stories to make you believe that all these are only tricks. You have to be watchful and aware of your mind. Don’t leave your heart, or you lose your peace.
‎Open the door( pray to which ever form of Divine you connect with for intervention) and enjoy the beautiful calming and soothing air ( Divine Grace).
‎Forever yours,
‎Mitr Shivam.


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