Happy Diwali

The day when Lord Ramchandra came back home to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. What astounds me is not that He made it back home safely but that His people, including the then King Bharat set up a grand show to announce the arrival of The True King.
For fourteen years, His people did not hear from Him but they were waiting for His return. All of Ayodhya cried when He left and all took part in celebration when He came back. Such was the devotion towards Lord Ram Chandra that when He left with His wife Sita and brother Lakshman, Bharat placed Lord Ram’s divine sandals at the King’s throne and renounced all luxuries.
Why did all of them wait? Bharat could have rightly claimed the throne and 14 years is a long time to erase memory of Lord Ramchandra but they preferred to wait. A simple man who did not claim anything. All the world’s luxuries were at His feet and He did not think for a second about the consequences before He agreed to follow His father’s orders. He did not command respect. A man who is loved and prayed to since centuries only performed His dharma and loved unconditionally. It was His Divine Unconditional Love that kept His devotees loyal to Him for years in His physical absence. He proved that Love is the most powerful weapon. He ruled their hearts and not His kingdom.
Some centuries later, on the same day, The sixth Guru of Sikhs Guru Hargobind Ji was was released by Emperor Jahangir from his confinement but Guru sahib refused to leave without the rest of 52 princes who were confined with him. Jahangir had placed a bet which Guru Sahib won and left the confinement with all of them in one go. This day is celebrated as Bandi Chhor Divas ( Day of Liberation).
The Love of Guru Sahib for his devotees was unconditional and he could have done any thing for his devotees. This was a great example that proves Guru se Bada Bhakt hota Hai (the devotee is bigger than the Lord)
Let us celebrate Love this Diwali. Let us pray to Dada to jumpstart our heart with His Divine Love and light up diyas of kindness and compassion.
Mitra Shivam.


You are being watched.


I was driving a car with my sister on the passenger seat and I over ran a red light. In no time she inquired what was wrong with me and I was quick to reply,” don’t worry,there are no CCTV cameras around.” With a smile on her face, setting a final blow and giving me a thought to chew upon she asked, “what about THE ONE WITHIN?” I was done for the rest of the drive.
Quite a many times, we do stuff thinking that no one is watching us or it wouldn’t get accounted for but there is always an invisible camera that is watching and recording every move we make and all that is going on in our mind. You see THE CREATOR is smart, He situated the camera right within us. You may look over some of your mistakes but the camera won’t cease to record. There are times when you meet people you don’t really like. You greet them with a smile but you have already killed them a couple of times in your mind. Here, the other guy would never get to know but the hidden camera will always know.
Don’t be mistaken. The Divine will not wait for your life to end before He gives you a balance sheet. The current times are too fast to wait untill next lifetime. He is settling your accounts as your life progresses. You have the power to influence your future. Don’t waste time in taking revenge, let karma deal with it.
Invest in the positive,
Deal in good vibes.
Stay connected to your Divine and the Divine will take care of your thoughts.
Sow Love, Reap Love.