My brother and sister-in-law have been blessed with a baby recently. Everyone in the family from the children to the elders are overjoyed and full of excitement to welcome the new-born. So I had gone to pay a visit to the hospital to see and congratulate the elated couple. Amongst all the hustle and bustle going around, the child was fast asleep. I say it very often but that expression on the child’s face taught me what “sleeping like a baby” means. No TENSION, no fear and deep in his sleep, just looking at him would bring a broad smile to your face, the child was nothing short of a Divine being.

He is doing what newborns do best- deep in sleep, living in another world of dreams and yet they become a source of joy and radiate love.
Imagine if we all could sleep that way. No matter what life situation you are in, no matter how bad the conditions are but you get a sound sleep because He is guarding you and you have faith in Him that what ever is happening is His Will.

Quite often I GIVE IT TO DADA AND GO TO SLEEP and believe you me, that’s one of the best choices I have made.
The Divine is always willing to help but we try to do stuff in our own way and then it’s a crisscross of tangles. With all innocence, call out to the form of the Divine you connect with and ask Him to interfere. Once you do that, take a back seat and have faith in your faith.

In gratitude and eternal love,
Handing over my life’s reins to Dada,
Mitra Shivam.