Dada, My Beloved.

Being in Bangalore, I yearn to be in the physical presence of Dadashreeji and look for every opportunity to be in His presence. His demeanour is calm and His words are soothing. 
It was towards the end of May when the idea of spreading Love and Grace through His Divine Feet was communicated and I was glad (honoured yes – but glad would better capture my emotions) that I was asked to bring His Divine representation to Bangalore from the Ashram at Karjat.

MaitriBodh has been a symbol of spreading love and peace throughout the world for a few years now and what has made us have tremendous faith in the spiritual head of the organization is the message that there is no greater truth than Unconditional Love. My soul aside, given my emotional disposition, my physical mind always wanted to hear this “Truth”.  I have time and again felt this immense peace (His version of unconditional love in the earthly sphere) within me – through my heart. That being the case, it was difficult for me to fathom how His Divine padukas could pass on the energy of “unconditional love”. Isn’t love meant to be spread through the heart?
Having tremendous faith in the power of surrender, I boarded my flight to Mumbai and reached the Ashram – a day before the “Paduka Ceremonies” were to be arranged. I was tired and was all the while questioning if I would be able to do justice to this great responsibility. Shankhji led the event; clearly communicating what each part of the ceremony meant and its significance. Yes, I felt a great deal of connect while caressing the Divine Padukas with my hands – still unaware of what lay ahead of me. 
The ceremony ended. I carried the Padukas with me and boarded the bus from Kharghar bound for Bangalore. The Padukas were with me all night and I kept uttering Dadashreeji mantra rather unknowingly. The next morning in the bus, I felt a surge of energy within me manifested in some form of restlessness. I do not know what that was for but I felt it could perhaps be my proximity to His Divine Feet which could likely have caused this.
I brought “them” home and went through the procedure of placing the Paduka as had been prescribed. To be honest, I doubted my abilities to adhere to all prescribed worshipping norms for the Paduka but understood that they needed to be done. I invited my neighbors and helpers that evening and in the days to come, explaining them what MaitriBodh stood for, all the while explaining that the Paduka Yatra stood for spreading “Unconditional love” wherever “They” went.
I stuck to the process of waking Dadashreeji up every day and putting Him to sleep at night. I felt responsible like He was my younger brother. I had always asked Him for His Grace. This time however, I felt I had to take care of Him – a difficult bit of responsibility but what a pleasure it was to be in that feeling. While I was initially worried if I would diligently be able to stick to the process daily, I began to enjoy it – so much so that i was looking forward to it every day I got back from work.
They brought within me a great sense of calm and fearlessness – I know I am using words here to describe what could only be felt. Fear has long been my weakness but in those days that His Padukas were at my house I felt Him within me in a profoundly strong and connected way. Never before did I feel the urge to spread His message stronger than in those twelve days “He” was at my house. Indeed He was at my house as much as a family member would. 
Though, I would like to think that it doesn’t matter, in my physical life things could not have been better. There were accolades at work; my personal life was balanced. I was assigned greater responsibilities and I revelled in it. I spoke about Him fearlessly and about unconditional love uninhibited. I knew that He was within me and nothing possibly could go wrong. My mind in all its ferocity had succumbed to the immense power of His unconditional love. There were times when restlessness did raise its head but it was easily drowned in the tremendous upsurge of calmness and fearlessness.
So much was the sense of peace that at one point I said “No more Dada – I need no more Grace” and this I say with no exaggeration.
I knew the Padukas were powerful – happy that they were with me for a long time but disappointed that I could spread the message of peace to lesser people than I could have. I was “in the zone” – my heart was crying out to dissipate the love it had received.
I know Dadashreeji is always with me (in my heart) but the days with the Padukas were indescribable. I do not know what heaven is like but I would like to believe I got a glimpse of it ever so slightly.
To all believers and doubters – there is a world beyond resplendant with the Love of the Almighty. Spread the message!

Kunal Ashok.


Dada – The Transformation Expert.

“When your chest is free of your limiting ego,

Then you will see the ageless Beloved.

You can not see yourself without a mirror;

Look at the Beloved, He is the brightest mirror”

27th June, the day My Beloved, Dadashreeji decided to visit my humble abode in the form of His Padukas. The Divine day which probably happened somewhere in heaven and we got lucky enough to be a part of it.
Such were the energies of my Dadashreeji’s Padukas. 

The instant anyone would come in touch with Him, they would experiences bliss and only bliss. 
We didn’t have a mystical experience, we experienced complete silence. The silence we all have been looking for forever. The chaos we face in our everyday lives. The chaos that is inside of us, which reflects on the outside. 

Yesterday every person who came in contact with Dada was silent from within and so were our surroundings. 
Thank you Dadashreeji for giving us such a profound experience. Thank you Dadashreeji for making our inner chaos silent. 
We love you more than words can ever express. 
At Your Lotus Feet,

Maitreyi Jasneet