Paduka Prem Yatra

Thank you Dadashreeji for coming to Amritsar and truly making it “a holy city.”

I have always wondered why we break flowers from the garden and offer them in temples and gurudwaras. If they belong in the garden, let them be there. 

As Dadashreeji’s padukas arrived in town, I had to assemble fresh flowers to be offered at the Divine padukas. 
I didn’t feel very good about buying those fresh flowers from the florist who had obviously not picked up just the flowers which naturally break off from the stem and fall down. He had got those deliberately broken. I felt bad for those flowers. 
As the Narayan Ashtotram proceeded, I got lost in the divine energies that radiated from the padukas and seemed to fill up the entire room. 

Just then, the host mitra passed me a packet of fresh roses to tear the petals from the flowers and separate the petals in a different plate. I cringed and frowned but it was seva so I had to do it. I picked up the first flower to tear its petals and oh Dada!! My heart tore with each petal being torn away from the flower. The petals were so soft and delicate. They are probably the purest creation of the Almighty. 

As I held each flower in my hand, I could smell their fragrance even more closely and felt calmer with their aroma taking over my senses. I guess this is what is truly “Aroma Therapy” And then I realised if this could be so soothing to me, Dada must be loving them so much more. And Dada’s Lotus Feet are also so pure and sensitive as They release the world’s most powerful energy and also absorb all of ego, negative karmas, and vices of the devotees. So what better an offering at those delicate, beautiful Divine Feet than these precious petals. Also, what better end can these beautiful creations meet than beautifying the feet of the Lord God Himself. 

How lucky must these flowers be!! I wonder if these flowers also had their own karmas that blessed them to come to the Feet of the Lord God..

As I realised internally why these flowers are brought to adorn the temples, I instantly wished I too was a flower that Dada tore petal by petal, breaking my Self, piece by piece and made me so pure and fragrant that I could become worthy of being an adornment at His Lotus Feet. 

Dada’s own presence with His padukas was so strong. Dixit, who was doing Paduka Abhishek felt that Dada was sitting there on the chair and he was actually offering the flowers at His Feet. 

As we completed the process and bhajans, I saw everyone was wiping their teary eyes. We felt so so blessed to be in the presence of Dadashreeji’s Padukas. As I bowed to the Padukas in Sashtaang Pranaam, I realised that so many times I’ve written “at your Lotus Feet” as the signing off signature in write-ups. 

At that moment, my inner Dada said, “now you’re literally at The Lotus Feet” and smiled. 
Thank you Dada. 

Keep me forever at Your Lotus Feet.. 

Maitreyi Anjita.