Peace within (Part 2)

The Divine journey with Dadashreeji at the Dunagiri Retreat is unforgettable. We are sharing some experiences of the participants who were fortunate enough to be there.


“Have you ever seen the Divine or experienced Divinity? 
I have, seen, played with Him, walked together, ate together. Just recently, On the journey to a beautiful transformation, on The Peace Within, A Himalyan Retreat with Divine Friend Dadashreeji.
I experienced pure Love with Dadashreeji and these were the best days of my life. Thank you Dadashreeji for making me experience the pure unconditional love.”

“Thank you Thank you Thank you Dadashreeji !! Words fall short when I try to express gratitude to my Satguru. I surrender to Your Grace. This beautiful state that you have blessed us with is truly Peace Within. You have given me such immense love within that I want to share it with the whole world. You have made me experience my inner Divine. Sukhmani Sahib ji says,” ਨੌ ਨਿਧ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਕਾ ਨਾਮ, ਦੇਹਿ ਮੇਂ ਇਸਕਾ ਬਿਸਰਾਮ”
Chanting the name of the Lord, and loving the Lord you are blessed with the nine Divine treasures and the holy nectar which lies dormant and in a restful state inside man. Dadashreeji you have awakened the Divine within me.
After coming back from the retreat I feel like my eyes have changed, my perspective of seeing this world has changed. 
Thank you Dadashreeji for the best trip of my life. Thank you for nourishing my soul, repairing my mind and blessing me with a new birth.”

 “Five awesome days spent in Heaven with my Divine. We can probably name the Retreat as In Heaven with Divinity, Divine Retreat or Love Retreat. I feel Peace within Retreat with Dadashreeji is very apt for everyone to attend. Even those not connected will get to experience this Pure Love.”


“Peace Retreat or as a friend said- A Divine Retreat, was an out of the world experience. For me, it was an experience of many many lifetimes where you actually breathe, eat, and live with Divinity. Thankyou Dadashreeji for making me realise the real truth, the one single remedy for all ailments, LOVE.
I want the whole universe to experience this Love. For each one of us, the visualisation of God is with a Mukat and decorative ornaments but when God simplifies into a human form then for me, it is just YOU DADASHREEJI. I have experienced God in YOU DADASHREEJI.
Thankyou each one here to make this experience worth living, for those numerous lifetimes till I could finally be at the Abode of My Master, My Guru, My Divine Friend Dadashreeji.”

“Thankyou Dadashreeji, as today after the retreat each one here is Dada for me. We talk of astral travels and experiencing different dimensions. But today it’s clear Dada made each one of us experience that love, that bliss at the retreat. It is a must go for everyone. Let’s all spread this joy to the whole universe 
Thankyou Dadashreeji.”

“A retreat to the Himalayas, a place where we learnt to coexist with the nature, a place where we experienced Divinity every moment. Thank you Piyush Kumar and Katherine Jane for allowing us to be a part of this heaven called Dunagiri Retreat. Thank you MaitriBodh Parivaar for giving us this wonderful lifetime opportunity and Thank you DadashreeJi  for giving me this lovely family of divine souls.

The 60 particpants at the Retreat felt pure bliss and love. Thank you Dadashreeji for this opportunity. 
In gratitude and eternal Love..


Peace within 

O My Beloved, My heart wrenches in pain of our separation. O My Lord, when will the day come when I will merge in YOUR INFINITY? 

They say some experiences take your breath away yet I will share an experience that gives you a new breath, a new zeal to live. 

My experience at Peace Within, A Divine Journey at the Dunagiri Retreat with my Master, my God, my Eternal Love Dadashreeji. 

It was a 5 day retreat in the midst of the Himalayas. Our resort was right in the lap of Mother Nature covered by green luscious mountains and heavy rainfalls. 

It didn’t seem as if this place existed on Earth, for me Heaven appeared to bow down at the Lotus Feet of Dadashreeji. It was on one of the days here where Dadashreeji made us experience the pain Mother Earth had been put through because of us humans. 

We felt Her cry and suffering in pain with the damage we have brought upon Her due to our selfish needs. How we took advantage of Her selfless giving by misusing and mistreating for our wants and needs.

That day I took a vow to protect my Divine Mother fiercely, She, who provides without any expectations deserves our love. 

Thank you Dadashreeji for making me realise that we can never truly be happy if our Mother is not at peace. Today I offer myself at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother and my Dadashreeji. May I be the clearest medium to fulfill Our Mission, to spread love and peace and heal the world.
With a patient heart, waiting to merge into YOU one day. 

In Gratitude and Love,

At Your Lotus Feet Forever.
Maitreyi Jasneet.

Silence is louder than words..

My Dadashreeji and me…….. 

I have been sharing a lot about my relationship with Him. Today I’m going to share the Silence between us. The profound Silence we share takes the unconditional love between us to another level. This Silence has a language of its own, a language where words are not needed, being in His Physical Presence is not needed. 

All that is needed is to go within, feel and experience Him, Share with Him, Express to Him. He is there deep within, so deep that every breath I take only has His name on it. 

He is the sound on my lips, He is the prayer in my heart, He is the joy you feel in me, He is image you see in my eyes, He is the feeling of completeness within me. 

In Solitude when I just want to be by myself that is the time when He sits quietly with me helping me to connect even more deeply with the Divine within. All He wants is my happiness and my growth. What more could I have asked for in a relationship. Don’t we all want, for someone to love and care for us unconditionally without any questions and judgments. Well that is what I have got from Him. Unconditional Divine Love and Unconditional Acceptance and a beautiful relationship that has no boundaries. All this relationship recognises is the language of Love and all it does is share that Love with the world. 

Is it something I can explain, no I can’t. All I can do is share so you all can experience it through me as we are all One. 

Thank you Dada for in this Silence I am no longer lonely, no longer seeking, no longer craving, all the unfinished emotions have been filled with your love and Grace making me complete from within. 

He is no one but you, your Higher Sacred Self, we all have Him within us. Immense Gratitude at your lotus feet Dadashreeji for you gave me the vision to recognise this truth of experiencing the Divine Within. 

Love You to Eternity and Beyond ❤

Maitreyi Sonee.