My Dada.. My Sweet Sadguru.

Om Dada

Sweet Sadguru

Divine Friend to all,
I drop to my knees
And pray with all my being…
Please keep me
In Your Love always!
Keep this Heart switch ON!
I know You are always with me
So how am i cutting myself off
From Your sweetness?
You are Bliss incarnate!!
I searched and searched for You,
And now that ive found You,
How can there still be doubt and fear?
None of that can be real,
For it is Your Love that is real.
Om Dada Om Dada !!!
Jaya Babaji!
Jaya Dadashreeji!
Jaya Adi Shakti Mahakali!
Jaya Mahakaleshwar!
I beg You
I BEG YOU!!!!!!!!!
Please oh please
Permanently establish me
In the Heart.
Please allow me to always remain connected to Your Unconditional Love.
Always. Please Gurudev.
Thank You i Love You Love You Love You Love You!!!!!

Dand Pranaam
Joseph Hodgit, Davenport, Iowa


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