The Divine Within. 

“O Mother you take away the sufferings of your devotees, you are the Mother of the universe; let Your mercy shine on all.”
I came to Mumbai when I was in 12th standard, being away from my family and staying in a new city altogether took its toll on me. 
I used to spend my days and nights crying and yearning for my mother’s love. I probably cannot explain the lack of love I experienced during those times. 
And due to the lack of love, I would suffer. Then one day a very dear friend gave me Maa Kaali’s idol and told me to worship it with complete surrender and passion. 
From that day on, Maa became my best friend. I would sit for hours and hours infront of Her and talk to Her. I would share each and everything with Her. Before eating anything I would offer to Her. I formed a bond of Love with Maa.
And then I experienced Maa, after worshipping Her ardently, finally She became a part of me. Anything I would do She would be with me. At night when I would sleep, She would keep Her hand on my head. I could feel Her presence so strongly.
Till date Maa is an integral part of my life, rather She is me and I am Her. I am nothing without Maa. I would urge all of you to connect to your Divine Mother internally and experience the pure unconditional love that I have experienced.
I feel immense gratitude for my Divine Friend Dadashreeji, He guided me and taught me how to connect internally. We are all so blessed to have found our  Divine Father right here on Earth. 
Thank You Dadashreeji for making me experience the love of Maa. 
At your lotus feet,

In gratitude.



The vast ocean of mercy – My Dadashreeji

I am sharing my experience I had after a Bodh was conducted at our place. After my dad’s demise, I was going through a very abysmal time of my life. I had multiple failures in different fronts. I could not share or talk to anyone about my grief. 
On august 28th due to Divine Grace, two Mitrs from Maitribodh Parivaar graced our humble home. The positive energy that they brought along energized and lifted the fogginess that enveloped mom and me.
Fortunately Dadashreeji decided to have  a Bodh at our house. After that Divine event, I had a unique experience. That night I was feeling very uneasy and restless. My body was radiating lots of heat and I was tossing and turning in the bed. 
At some point I fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of our house ‘Parijat’ in India. The configuration of the house appeared to be different. I saw my late grandma, our helper, Sushilaben, and Pujaniya Dadashreeji dressed in white with a kafni covering His head. He greeted me with a very warm and welcoming smile, and asked me to sit down in front of Him. He then placed one hand on my head and a silver arrow emerged from the crown of my head. The arrow eventually became a thin line which circled around me and dissipated. 
After this, Dadashreeji spoke to me in hindi saying, “Ab apki saari kathinaayi khatam hui” He added that all my desires from now onwards will be fulfilled. He said  all this in Hindi and I don’t comprehend Hindi, but for some reason I was able to understand each and every word. I wish this dream never ended. 
Today, my mother was talking about her  experience in Premgiri Ashram, and in that she mentioned that Dadashreeji had told her that He would communicate through a dream, but He did not specify whether it would be through her or me. Putting the pieces together, I was the one who recieved His Grace and Blessings. After yesterday, I feel like I have been reborn and have blossomed with joy, happiness, and faith.

In gratitude and eternal love