My Connection 

I could not call myself an atheist since I believed there was some higher power but at the same time had not found my connection then. There were many questions about ’god ‘, ‘religion’, ‘rituals’ that hounded me. They grew by the day… so intense was this urge to know that i stopped worshipping the deities and performing rituals since I could not relate to them. In desperation tears would flow ceaselessly seeking for guidance. I wanted to know the purpose of my life… my existence… there had to be something more to mundane world. Despite of having everything (a lovely family, loving children…) there was a great void, something was missing. With tears flowing my only prayer would be that if something higher existed it had to reveal itself and guide me. 

Then one fine day (dec 2012) my brother-in-law called, telling me about a guru/master called ‘Dadashree ji’ in Karjat who conducted spiritual sessions called ‘Bodh’.   I shuddered at the thought of going to a ‘guru’. How could someone a (human), in flesh and blood just like me guide everybody (ignorance at its best)? None in our family or past generations had ever had guru’s. So, after much deliberation, gathered some courage and went with an open mind to seek answers.

At the ashram, the participants were told to write queries on a notepad, which I had in plenty. My questions ran into pages as I jotted them down (wanted no question to be left unanswered). As the session was about to begin an unassuming, young, simple, down to earth man entered the ashram Dhyaankshetra. He was Dadashreeji. He was bombarded with all sorts of questions during the session. I had my share of questions too, but the best part was that all my questions were answered without asking! Not once did I have to ask. Dadashreeji’s words, “You do not have to follow me, I am here to answer your queries and connect you to your divinity”, were intermittently playing within (who on earth says something like this, that too in this era!). 

 Amidst all this, felt like I was home, felt profound peace descend my being. It was a two-day session, soon the time to leave came but I did not feel like leaving the place, as if that was where I belonged.  I believe, I had found my connection!

Life continued like it was, but my entire perspective of looking at things had changed. There was no chatter within, total peace, everything was still. Felt like being in a different world, a different awareness. My entire being was overflowing with love and happiness, there was nothing but a constant smile and love for one and all, total bliss. Felt like running down the street hugging one and all (was not a great hugger earlier). The feeling and realization of oneness had set in and was literally experiencing it, so much so that was feeling one with a blade of grass too. It was nothing short of a spiritual awakening!

It is rightly said that, ‘ When the disciple is ready the master appears!’  God manifests in the form of a guru/master to erase our ignorance. For me it is ‘Dada’! Now I know why I couldn’t connect with any other form of divinity earlier.

Dadashreeji has been constantly guiding me. He is an epitome of Love! The journey of experiences and learnings continues, there is much to learn at every step and he is teaching us how to live life giving the strength, acceptance, patience and tolerance to sail through it with grace and making it meaningful!  

Can’t thank Dadashreeji enough for being here in this era for the entire humanity!

Love you eternally Dada!

Varsha Maheshwari, Pune, India


I used take a small white flower from a tree at my workplace and offer it to my office Dadashreeji shrimurti almost everyday. Since the winter set in, the tree stopped bearing flowers and it had been quite a bit since I last offered a flower. However, last week, as I was leaving my office, I saw another patch of yellow flowers and thought that I could take these instead.

Today, as I was walking towards my office building, I remembered the yellow flowers that I wanted to offer since last week. I separated from my colleagues and started moving towards that patch. But as I reached the plant, I was a little hesitant in plucking the flower. I really wanted to offer the flower, but probably the thought of someone seeing and disapproving the act of plucking flowers stopped me.

Still in a dilemma I let the plant be and rejoined with my colleagues. In my heart, I was still longing for the flower and wishing that I could offer it to my Dada.

We reached the office entrance as the security guard held opened the door for us. The two colleagues accompanying me entered the door, and just before I could enter myself, the guard stopped me.

He smiled at me and said, “Sir, this is for you!” and handed me the yellow flower. For a few seconds, I could not register what had just happened. We would exchange smiles everyday, but a flower was something he had never given me before.

As I offered the flower to my office Dada, I realised – this is what Shravan truly is. Each and every moment, He listens to children express themselves – in joy, sorrow, love, anger – patiently. He listens to  the prayers of His children even when they don’t speak. 

Dada Sharanam

In Humility and Surrender

Mitr Prawesh.