My Dada, My Hope

​I was 6years old when I got a hearing problem. It was so severe that the doctors had advised to undergo surgery. I was really scared. I had to visit a doctor after every 3months for checkup.

 I started avoiding people. Eventually I got my left ear operated. Even then I wasn’t  able to hear 100% correctly.

When I was 15,  I met DADASHREEJI. That very day I got so connected to Him just like a daughter. I have no words to describe my gratitude towards Him. By His GRACE, I am absolutely fine now and I am able to listen and speak without any hesitation, I have gained my confidence back. 
It’s been 3years I have not visited any doctor and not taken any medicine. 

Thank you DADA for this beautiful miracle in my life.

Yashveen Chugh

For He is always watching.

​So here I am again to share a blissful moment of my life which transcends beyond unconditional love. 

In the autumn of my youthhood, the only moment of spring is the day when family and friends jubilantly celebrate my coming to the world to them. For me it is the January 6, when I was born from the cradle of my mother’s womb and felt the divinely touch of my parents for the first time. Although I do not have the faintest of the memories of that moment, but who does not want to relish the special day of their birth in the lap of their parents. A lot things has happened in my life between my first birthday and the recent one, i.e yesterday. Some good some bad and some heart breaking.The absence of my father and yearning for his warmth within, did not allow me to live the day. But these are mere expressions of a being who still lived in the material world.

However, what motivated me to confront the day was my spiritual growth and my beautiful encounter with Dadashreeji (my father, my Divine Friend), who helped me transform myself and gave me courage to accept the day; as it was not just the day when I was born. It was the day when my parents were reborn. It was the day, I was meant to celebrate, love myself; not just to make myself happy, but for people whose happiness was attached to that of mine.

I began my day and sought the blessings of my parents and Dada. Innumerable wishes poured in, but the child within me still waited for her father. My eyes went numb, yearning for his warmth; “when will my father visit me and wish me Happy Birthday”.

I reached my University and decided to carry forward the day as yet another one. But no sooner on reaching, I received a call from my close circuit of friends who wished to surprise me. We agreed to gather at a place and later enjoy lunch together. Gifts and wishes kept on pouring, but my heart longed for that unconditional love. My eyes looked around everywhere, I became restless in search of my father; though I contained myself and agreed to live in the moment. I said to myself that, probably it is this very moment which served as a medium that my father, my Dada wanted me relish.

But it was Dada again, my father who surprised me yet another time. A hand covered my eyes from behind, and I in no moment screamed Chitti (Maasi). Joy rushed through me on seeing her and my little brother. I had indeed not expected such a surprise. She handed me a bag wrapped with two gifts inside. My desire to open the package instinctively rose, but I resisted. I knew there would be something special.

In the evening when I reached the University, I quickly rushed to car set all gifts aside and began opening the package gifted to me by my Chitti (Maasi). I was already warned to open the package with utmost care, which cumulated my excitement further. Initially I assumed it to be a childhood photograh of myself with her. But as I proceeded further and unwrapped the package, I was astounded. Beneath was my father, my Dada who came to wish me on my birthday. The moment froze for me. Tears trembled down my eyes. I held Dada’s Shreemurti close to my chest and thanked him for everything. I couldn’t have asked for more. I wallowed again in nostalgia. My Chitti (Maasi) became the messenger of my father, my Dada to send all the love, grace and wishes across to his daughter.

I kneeled and expressed my gratitude and relived the experience of my Dada’s grace. After all he never stops loving you. 

I love you Dada, my Father, my Divine Friend.