Our Magical Dada..

​I have to pay my tailor 2500 in cash today evening. I have exactly that much in 100s with me. But if I pay the whole amount to him, I wouldn’t have any legitimate cash left on me for any sort of contingency.. So I thought I’ll stand in the longgg ATM queue in the evening and withdraw some cash.. 

I know I have to withdraw in the evening but I’ve been fussing in my head all day thinking about the long queue.. Somewhere I also knew that eventually Dada will do His magic and I’ll get a very short queue or even no queue at all.. Dada does such magic very often.. 

But what He did today is mind blowing.. At the office, we needed to send a courier out to Australia today. My boss is out of town so I asked her if we’ll be making an NEFT transfer or should I swipe her card.. 

She called me back in sometime saying that she will send me the cash.. 4600.. I asked her if I could keep the cash and use my card to swipe the amount.. She agreed happily.. 
And here I am.. Sitting in my office.. Got the cash already in hand.. Forget the queues.. I didn’t even have to step out to a bank.. 

Dada.. You’re just too cool 

Maitreyi Anjita..


Dada is walking with me.

Following my wonderful experience at Bodh 1, I started having an urge to do something to help Dadashreeji’s mission. I would see all the wonderful events on facebook and read Dada’s messages in Anahita and I started to ask Him desperately in my heart, “Please give me an opportunity to serve you Dada, to help others..”


A couple of weeks later , a Maitreyi from MBP called me and said “Would you be interested in helping to organize Bodh in the United States?. I absolutely sprung on this opportunity, in my mind thanking Dada a million times- I wept that night because I was so happy that He heard my prayers. 


As the months went by, I became a part of a family of beautiful friends that were bound together by love- Maitribodh Parivaar. As opportunities grew to offer service (seva) in some way or another, my love just deepened through every little experience. 


There is now not a day that goes by when I don’t thank Dadashreeji for all the blessings He has bestowed on me. I am so grateful. Thank you for being the good shepherd in my life, Dadashreeji and guiding me home. I love you. 

 In Gratitude,

Maitreyi Cecilia.

The Master seeks you. 

​The beauty of a spiritual journey is that most of the time you dont realise you are on one. I knew since I was young that something was missing, that somewhere I was incomplete. I tried everything to make me complete, I searched for the correct career, fulfilled all my materialistic desires and even fell in love. But even then nothing ever filled that missing space in my heart. This feeling started my spiritual seeking. I did many spiritual sessions, learnt different meditation techniques which definitely helped me grow. I thought I was happy and satisfied with my progress on this path.

Then suddenly on the 24th july 2015, I woke up with a deep craving for a Living Master, the urge was so strong that I spent the entire morning crying. And I had no idea why this was happening. Due to this urge I went to meet my aunt, who was also my first guide on this path. She mentioned about an article in Life Positive Magazine on the 11 Living Masters in India. It was there that I first read about My Heart Dadashreeji.

That entire evening I searched everything about Him on the internet and found out about a session called Bodh 1 happening in Delhi. I immediately registered for that. The session took place on the 27th july, in that the MaitriBodh Parivaar Sewaks told us that if we wanted to see Dadashreeji then we can be lucky enough to meet Him on the 31st july on Gurupurnima in Premgiri Shantikshetra Ashram in Karjat. Without a thought my mother and me booked the flight.

It was on the 31st of july, the blessed day of Gurupurnima  that I saw Dadashreeji for the first time. I was fortunate enough to meet my Master on the most beautiful day. The moment i set my eyes on Him, I knew He was The One. Not only was I waiting for Him, he was waiting for me too. It took me exactly 7days after having a pure intention in my heart that I met Him. I pray and hope that everyone in this world gets the opportunity to meet Dadashreeji. He will not only complete you but will also make sure you complete your journey of life gracefully. The day u genuinely seek a Master, will be the day when you will realise that its not you, its the Master that seeks you.

At His Lotus Feet,

Maitreyi Jasneet.