My Dada, My Healer..

​I had fractured two of my fingers in an accident and  had been taking painkillers three times a day for about a week, even though I have a great threshold for pain. But this time, it was different. I was crying with pain when I boarded the flight for Amritsar to attend the very special event of Maitri Bodh Parivaar ” Bodh -II”

While I was attending all the various sessions being conducted during Bodh- II, I had forgotten that I had fractured fingers as I didn’t  feel any pain throughout. I would only get a reminder of the fracture when someone asked me what happened to you after seeing the splint over my hand. I thought probably I was too busy that is why I had completely forgotten about my pain.

 The most beautiful part of the whole event was “The Shakti Prawah” . The transfer of Divine Energy through trained mediums, which helps in clearing karmic obstacles. After this Divine Process, I was made to lie down and it was then that I started having strong vibrations in my fingers. Post this my pain had completely vanished and the movement in my fingers was absolutely normal. It was Amazing, I was in bliss. It was then that i felt the unconditional love of my Master. Once I got back to Delhi, my orthopedician commented “You are lucky, your fingers are back to normal functioning, in such cases it is rarely possible. ”

I agree I am very lucky to have recieved the unconditional Grace of Dadashreeji. 

Bodh II has not just healed me physically but even  internally.
Thank you Dadashreeji,

At your Lotus Feet.



My Dada, My Medicine.

 This is way back in April when I had a sprained ankle  with a cast on my foot and was wearing a knee cap with a minuscule tear in my knee. I had to go the Ashram as 2 of my friends were to attend Bodh and they refused to go without me. 

I was in a lot of pain for days before I was to leave and was having 4 to 5 painkillers everyday. When I reached the Delhi Airport I took a wheelchair to the aircraft and then at the Mumbai Airport to my Cab. On the way to the ashram in the cab I kept a pillow under my foot and knee. I was in a lot of pain. I entered the Ashram and without realising the pain had started disappearing. At night as I prepared for bed I realised that I did not have a painkiller the whole day and there was no pain. For the next 3 days in the Ashram I walked up and down with my cast and kneecap but without pain. My pain had disappeared. I returned back home with a slight pain in my ankle and knee.  Presently, sometimes I feel the need to wear a kneecap but I  have had no pain killer for the last 7 months.

 A person who had painkillers at the drop of a hat has not felt the need for it. Why? Well because today I have Dadashreeji and He is the best medicine I could have ever asked for, as He heals not only our physical bodies but also our Souls. THANK YOU DADA LOVE YOU TO ETERNITY. 

Always at your lotus feet. 

Maitreyi Sonee Singh

When I met Him..

Dadashreeji is the embodiment of simplicity and honesty- reminding us what we have long forgotten! Seeing Dadashreeji and listening to Him made me realize, what we have forgotten. To be simple, to live our human lives as honestly and simply as we can and to always stay connected with our “Divine” within by helping one another.
This is my path to meeting DADA and ever since I saw him, I have had an urge to write down my thoughts.
My journey begins on a flight, when I was aimlessly sitting and I suddenly had the thought of reading an interview with Dada that a close friend had sent me. I read through and had this longing to meet Dada and while I looked at his image thought in my mind “could You please come to the USA?”.
A month later, the same friend wrote back saying- DADA would be visiting the US soon.
Ever since I have been excited to see Him and thought of all the complicated questions I want to ask Dada when I see Him and finally thought I would have all the answers.

Fast forward to the moment I am in the presence of DADA. – I have no questions!

In fact He answers it even before I am able to ask Him. He says, ‘Be simple – don’t complicate it too much for yourself. It is all the illusion of your mind, your thoughts.’
How true indeed. He stated He would clear the slate for us to begin anew, and quite surprisingly I felt exactly the same. My mind was not a convoluted place anymore. I knew that I had to experience everything as humanly as I could, without expecting any mystical experience or miraculous change. I had to have faith in the process and just “BE”; be happy -without creating questions, seeking complex answers and consciously changing myself.
DADA is as human as it could get, yet is unfathomably Divine.
Dada is an image of “whatever deity or god” you believe in. He embodies the Divine Truth. I have realized during this first meeting with DADA, many a times to experience the Divine we begin to expect an out of the world experience, we expect to meet a person with a halo. We look for someone who has the answers to all our human questions and who can tell us the easy way out of life.
However, I learnt that my life is a continuum of human experiences and Dada is my best friend, my Divine mate to accompany me through it.  I recognized the little tiny flame that Dada ignited in my heart – which is left to burn perpetually and keeps me connected. I solemnly hope everyone opens their heart and finds the spark inside them that lights the way for all to enter the beautiful divine world of peace and ever-lasting happiness, where we will all meet as “ONE”.
~ Maitreyi Cecilia

My Dada, My Genie..

​It was just another summer day for me and i was lost in thought. I was wondering where i was going in life. Having changed a lot of careers in life, i still didn’t know whether i was on the right track. I would always ask my Dadashreeji to show me the path. 

Being a makeup artist in such a competitive world isn’t easy and getting projects even tougher. So i started writing to my Dadashreeji in a red diary. Being with Dada for a while, i understood the power of manifestation and visualisation and i did just the same. 

Below is an example of how i would write in that diary. 

Dear Dada, 

Simran called me at 12pm on the 7th July and booked 5 makeups. She absolutely loved my work. Thank you Dada, you are absolutely amazing.

And to my astonishment the next day simran would call me at the same time, booking the same amount of makeups and absolutely loving my work. And this became a routine for me, whatever i would write in my red diary would just start happening with me in real.

Dadashreeji in his own way, showed me what i need to do. He showed me that anything i think of, i can do it. He showed me that i need to believe in my Dada no matter what.

Such is the power of manifestation and prayer. Such is the power of my Dadashreeji. I am too small for the amount of grace My Dada has showered on me. Thank you Dada for you have blessed me beyond belief.

At your lotus feet Dada, today tomorrow and forever.

Maitreyi Jasneet