Are You with me?

Editor’s Note: We all look for big miracles in our lives, we hope that all our problems will get solved, we will become worry-free and everything in our lives will run smoothly the moment we say the prayer. We hope for visions, ‘out of body’ experiences as a validation of our spiritual growth and bond with the Divine.

As Dadashreeji has mentioned countless times, bonding with Divinity is important. It does NOT mean one has to have visions etc as validation. Miracles have their own way – it can occur while just feeling grateful or through the answer of a simple prayer.
It’s the miracles of everyday life that truly embody His words –

‘Make me your friend. I will walk you every moment to listen, guide and support you.’
– Dadashreeji.

A Mitr’s experience illustrates how He takes care of every little thing in our lives..


Had quite an amazing experience today. Rain has been crazy and I was at a friend’s place near Navy Nagar. No Uber cabs were available so after waiting at his place for a while and the rain remaining heavy, I just decided to go down and find an ordinary cab. My friend told me not to bother as you don’t find cabs in that area and it was pretty late at night and specially not in crazy rain. I However decided to go with the thought that Dada is with me and would help me through this.

As soon as I went down in the crazy rains, a cab showed up opposite the road, went 50m ahead and took a u-turn and came and stopped right next to me. Someone got out and I hopped into the cab.

The cab had to drop me off 5mins before my house as the entire main road was flooded so he did not want to drive there fearing his cab will stall in the rain.

So I said damn! And got off. I had a good five mins walk to my house through all the inner lanes and alleys avoiding the main roads which were flooded.

I told Dada, “show me you are with me” and I continued walking quickly avoiding puddles. I reached home safe and looked out of my window and it was pouring like crazy.

Little did I realise that from the minute I stepped out of the cab and till I reached home, it had stopped raining suddenly. I was busy avoiding the puddles and finding the road ahead. Dada stopped the rain for me. Once I was at home and watching the rain, my inner voice told me, “well buddy, you asked if I was with you.  Here’s your answer.”

~ Mitr Sameer

Blessed by Him

Since my childhood, I have been blessed with visions of Guru Nanak Dev ji and other gurus of my religion, Sikhism. After meeting Dadashreeji and attending Bodh, my connection with the Divine has become even stronger.

Every morning at 4am, it seems as if there is a knock on the door of my room. My husband does not hear it and continues to sleep soundly. That knock is my alarm by Dadashreeji to wake up and sit and meditate with Him. I have been doing so now for over a year and each day in my life is more beautiful than the previous one.

One day however Dada did not wake me up for meditation.

I had a vision that I am standing at the door of my house and the road is escalated to the sky. It’s a beautiful road and I am crossing so many galaxies and constellations.  I saw the road lead to a very radiant yet peaceful sight. It was the face of Guru Nanak Dev ji. I could see His face was so beautiful, so calm and so Divine. His face and the energy was so white and bright. There was a shankh (conch shell) next to His face on the left side and some birds chirping on the other side. Seeing this Heavenly vision, I closed my eyes and white light from Guruji poured into my body through my third eye centre. My entire body was filled with white light, the sound of the shankh, the birds chirping and a waterfall around.

You can imagine what a beautiful experience it was. When I was completely filled with the Divine Light, I woke up and realised that I was sleeping. My arms were very weirdly placed on both my sides with my hands facing upwards. However, I was feeling so light within that I didn’t look much into it. It felt as if my body was not on the ground. It seemed as if I was still floating all around. I felt so different that even my husband noticed that there was a very different glow and radiance in me. I was energized after this vision for months together.

A few days back, we participated in Meditate with Divine and while we meditated in Dadashreeji’s presence that day I understood this vision that had happened at least 6-7 months back. I realised that the face was and the blessing was from Dadashreeji Himself. He showed me the face of Guru Nanak ji as I have been brought up believing in Him by my family. It was Dadashreeji in a different astral form that day.

The new Sambodh Dhyaan that was launched recently has a different music from the one that we used to follow earlier. The new music is exactly what I had heard in the dream that day- with the birds and the waterfall. I received white light from the third eye centre as we are now taught to envision. My hands that were raise upward on both sides were raised just as we now meditate. Launched only a month or two ago and Dadashreeji had blessed me with the entire new process so many months before, sitting at home itself.

I don’t get to meet Dadashreeji much physically as my son is very young and I can’t travel much. But Dadashreeji says that we only need to stay connected with Him and love Him and He will be with us always. Indeed He is!! I realised that day, that my connection with Him is very strong but His connection with me is even stronger. He loves us and watches us no matter which corner of the world we sit in and makes sure that we keep growing.

Love you Dadashreeji..
Meeting You is the biggest miracle of my life..
~ Rimpy Khurana

The Path..

I had a wonderful opportunity of attending the Spiritual Week in the ashram starting with the Gurupurnima on 16th July in Mumbai. I got to see Dadashreeji on many occasions as I was at the ashram offering my seva till I attended Bodh III.
Now that I was back home, I was missing Dadashreeji a lot. I longed to see Him again. And so the Ocean of Grace blessed me with His dream.
I dreamt that I was in the ashram and I saw Dadashreeji was playing with small children. He was enjoying Himself a lot.
I suddenly saw a gurudwara behind me. I turned to Dada and told Him in all my wonderment,”Dadashreeji see there is a gurudwara also here.”
Dadashreeji very sweetly said,”yes there is a gurudwara here.”
Then I said to Him again,”Dadashreeji, the gurudwara is there but I can’t see the path or the way to the gurudwara.”
Then Dadashreeji took me aside and pointed out with His fingers to a path that led straight to the temple. He started walking with me and took me to the door of the temple.
I walked inside the temple and sat there. Dadashreeji went back to playing with the children.
And I suddenly woke up. It was 5am.. That day I had Bodh I at my place. The whole day I was very energetic and felt Dadashreeji’s presence so strongly at home.
I realise now that in my dream Dadashreeji was making me understand that people know that Gurudwara exists but don’t know how to go there. Dadashreeji is here to show you that forgotten path. He would take you there as a friend. He even walked with me till I had safely entered the temple. In the vision, He was joyfully playing with children as their friend, although He is the great One who knows the path for salvation and Divine abode.
He is here to take us all back to our real Home and the best part is that He is walking with us.
Love you Dadashreeji.
Be in my life always.
Be with me always.
In gratitude
Kamal Grewal