My Best Friend

I was sent abroad for an official assignment for a period of 2 months. It was my first trip alone away from home, in a new country. My serviced apartment was a 10 minute walk from the office.

One day late evening, I left alone from office as I to complete some urgent work. It was very dark and deserted. Suddenly a very hefty lady appeared from nowhere and very sternly and loudly, asked me for my valuables. I could feel that she was not a needy person so I told her that I didn’t have any. I moved ahead but sensed that something was wrong. I turned around and walked towards my office. She started following and threatened me. I got scared and started walking very fast. She disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared. I waited at the end of the road for 15 minutes to check for her whereabouts. I had seen her cross the road – but I could not see her anymore. With ease, I started towards my service apartment.

I don’t remember what happened exactly but in the next few seconds the lady showed up again and tried to snatch my bag. I was petrified. I did not know what to do. I don’t know from where I gathered courage and somehow managed to pull my bag from her. I held on to it very strongly and ran towards the office breathlessly. My hands and legs were shivering. My heart was beating very fast. My mouth could not utter a word. The eyes were watery. I shook in fear.

When I caught my breath, I called a colleague from my mobile phone and requested him to drop me to my service apartment. A fear of the unknown had enveloped me while entering that huge apartment as I was staying alone. As soon as I reached the dining room, I sat in front of Dadashreeji’s Shrimurti and burst into tears. The only emotion I could feel was fear. I kept talking to Dada throughout the night. I prayed to Him – not to remove the fear, but just to be with me. I could not share this incident with my family in India, as they would have also have gotten worried. I sat in front of Dada all night long, simply murmuring – “Dada please be with me, Dada please be with me.”

The next morning, I somehow went through the day at work trying to divert my mind. People came to me and asked about the mishap. I could not even narrate the incident coherently as I was still in a state of shock.

Somehow I managed to get through the day but was not feeling normal. That evening when I reached the apartment, my maid told me, “I have not cleaned your room as your best friend had come so I did not disturb him.” I was surprised. My friend? She then told me looking at Dadashreeji’s Shrimurti – “YOUR BEST FRIEND” and simply smiled.

I remembered that the very first day in the apartment, looking at Dadashreeji’s Shrimurti on the dining table, my maid had asked me who He was. I had paused wondering how to explain that Dadashreeji is a Living Guide or a Master. Would she understand? I simply told her that He is my Best friend, my Guide and helps me all the time.

Back to the moment – I was speechless. The maid narrated that that when she entered my room, she saw Dada sitting on the sofa waiting for my arrival. He had greeted her and consequently she did not clean the room because she had not wanted to disturb Him.

She had actually seen ‘Astral Dadashreeji’ who was there to guide and protect me. He had heard the cry for help from my heart. She was not even aware of what a wonderful experience had occurred. For me, the presence of Dada in my home was unbelievable. He had heard my prayers and was with me through all the pain. He even proved His presence to me through a complete stranger. This “Darshan” became my strength and blessed me with positivity for the journey ahead. I cried profusely in front of Him for such a manifestation of His Divine Love had given me the complete assurance that He is with me at every step of my life. I thank Dadashreeji for making me go through the adverse experience – as I realised how strong I truly am. I also understood how blessed we are. Dada takes care of each of us every second. In our own learning of pain and sorrow, we feel that He is not with us whereas He is with us even more strongly during the stressful times in our lives. It is we, who do not see His shield of Love. He watches us, guides us, nurtures us and cares for us all in ways possible which we cannot even begin to comprehend. Our Father loves us all – unconditionally.

Heartfelt Gratitude to Dada.
Always at your lotus feet.
Dada Sharanam

~ Anonymous

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Divine Coincidence..

Normaly when I fly from my home back to Switzerland I try to get a seat at the window so I can stay in silence and if somebody wants to get up for the toilet I need not to be in the way.

This time every time I tried to make online checkin the net didn’t work. I thought ok then I will go a little bit earlier to the airport to get a seat at the window. I went 3.5 hours earlier. The counter told me sorry Sir all windows seats are taking. So I asked Dada, ‘ok Dada if I cannot have a window seat at least let a person sit next to me with a nice conversation.’ I already forgot that interaction and came to my seat in row 42. At the window there was a lady from India. We welcomed each other and I sat down. She asked what I was doing in India. I said I met my Guruji. So she asked who my Guruji is. I thought for myself my Dada is not really very much known but I still said to her my Guruji is Dadashreeji. She looked at me with a smile and told me her Guruji is also Dadashreeji. We both burst out with laughter. We both thanked Dada. She told me she prayed to Dada to help her as she was afraid of flying. And so He brought us together and fulfilled every of our wishes. We enjoyed this wonderful flight together.

~ Mitr Kaivalya