A gift from Him…

This year I got a wonderful and unexpected opportunity to be at the ashram for Dussehra Bhet. I reached the ashram in time for the darshan of Dadashreeji. Having paid my respects to the Divine Mother Kali first, I entered the Dhyan Mandir and squeezed myself into the already filled hall. The program started with beautiful bhajans followed by chanting the Guru mantra. Amidst the chanting my Divine Friend Dadashreeji entered the Hall and enchanted everyone with HIS serene presence.

The Master than gave a very thought provoking talk on mindful speaking. The speech over, it was time to receive the blessings and the gift. One by one all of us went to the Master to do our pranams and receive our gift.

After receiving my gift I sat down to meditate in HIS Divine presence, but it was not be, as friends from the Parivaar were coming and greeting as we had not met for a long time. I wished to do some seva for the Master and seeing a friend fanning HIM from behind, I asked if I could do this and immediately was given the Fan in my hand. Very happily I started to fan my Divine Friend and as I was fanning I was internally saying ‘sorry Dada….please forgive me for all the anger and grief I show you when things don’t work my way’. I was repeating this many times internally when I noticed that the fan was very wobbly and it was not serving its purpose very well. I thought I will buy a nice ‘hand fan’ from the handicrafts shop and bring it to the ashram on my next visit. Giving the wobbly fan to another devotee who was waiting for seva, I sat down.

All my friends were opening their gifts and asked me to open mine, very reluctantly I opened my gift to be pleasantly surprised with a foldable hand fan which a few minutes earlier I had decided to buy for the Master ! I was so happy and delighted to get this gift, I immediately gave it to the devotee fanning Dadashreeji and she very happily used the new one little knowing that it was an immediate answer to a prayer for forgiveness…..

Dada’s way……most wonderful way!!! Thank you Dada for EVERYTHING !!!

~ Maitreyi Roopaji