You are… my Dada.

I had never thought that I would be fortunate enough to meet God and to work for Him … who could have imagined!!

During my adolescence I only wished that God would have greater plans for me than I had for myself and prayed to Him to make me an instrument of His purpose never actually knowing that You was listening so closely. I had read in a book “God is simple, everything else is complex” and You made me experience it.

Now, that I knew You were The Almighty, I wanted You to prove it. Let’s face it! This is how You made us. How can it be so simple? Nope, prove it. Show me a miracle. I was hoping for small stuff like You pulling out a rabbit from Your pocket but little did this foolish, limited conditioned mind know that You were already performing miracles on a much larger scale. Transforming people from the inside!!
Now, I believe that One Man has the power to change the world. Two years back I had never thought of donating blood. And now, here I am, convincing people on how important it is to help someone. That is the change YOU have brought in me and I know that this is just the beginning…

You, who is beyond the cycle of life and death, took human form to help us understand life, to help us realize who we are. You could have sent someone, yet You came down yourself, knowing that You would have to respect the human laws that You Yourself had created, just to walk the path with us. I cannot even think of repaying You because there is nothing I can do that will justify the sacrifice You have made. I don’t know what You saw in me apart from my innumerable vices but I am ecstatic that You chose me to help.

You have made me experience glimpses of You and Your divine madness, and my sanity can be seen nowhere in the picture. I pray to You –please give me more sewa so that I can enjoy your Divine madness more often. Every morning I feel the presence of my Divine friend who stays with me throughout the day no matter what happens. And I know no matter which turn my life takes , I will always have Your backing.

You are my Allah, You are my Waheguru , You are my Bhagwan, The Highest Truth, You are … my DADA.

~ Mitra Sukhamrit.

What does being spiritual mean?

As I was having my lunch today, a question started to trouble me. The question was
‘What does being spiritual mean?’
I was pondering over this question in my mind and thinking that it may mean being good or it may mean a desire to realize God or being a good human being and helping others and a number of thoughts and definitions were coming to the mind and nothing seemed to be satisfactory or appealing to the heart. I then asked my Divine Friend Dadashreeji internally what it means to be spiritual and without a pause my Guruji told me
‘being spiritual means being aware of the other’.
Now I was dumbfounded ….the answer was so simple and unexpected. I contemplated on my Gurujis answer and wherever I applied this, I found a satisfying reply.

First I applied it to myself, being aware of the other in me was my Higher Sacred Self or the Divine i.e. being aware of the Divine in me……when I am in awareness of this Divinity….can I do any harm to others…. ……No it would not be possible…….the higher self always telling you what to do and what not to.

Next I applied it to my family, being aware of the other in the family were my near and dear ones……..being aware of them as a part of the Divine……being aware of their needs for love, their aspirations, goals, likes, dislikes ………. Really if we are aware of each person in the family in the real sense……it would be a wonderful family full of love and caring. Aha! my Guruji, what a revelation !

I expanded this thought further to the society, it brought a host of things which as an individual I needed to be aware of the cleanliness of the surroundings, the neighbors, the people who work for us, the societies common amenities etc. If we could help each other and be aware of each other…..what a wonderful society we would have……….amazing Guruji!

With expanding awareness I applied this profound thought to our Bharat Varsh……..and there were endless things that I as an individual needed to be aware……..being aware of the right people to vote, being aware of my duties and responsibilities as a citizen like paying tax and so on…………and If I carried out each of these activities correctly……it would be a great job.

I applied this thought to different situations like a ‘traffic jam’ and found that it worked beautifully…….step by step, Guruji took me from the ‘Me’ awareness to the ‘ALL’ awareness and what amazing revelations it contained the simple words ‘Being aware of the other’……wah Guruji Wah !!!

~ Maitreyi Roopaji