The Signs

Divine Communication

Have you ever wondered how Divinity communicates with you?

Do you expect your Lord to come in a physical form with the same attire that you see Him/ Her with a glowing aura or flying in the air and talking to you?

Well Divinity has its own way of communicating and most us keep getting messages, but as is the case we are blind to these messages and keep looking for the lord to come floating in air to talk to us.

Its like in the famous book ‘ Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, where Santiago, a young and adventurous shepherd has this recurring dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church, about a treasure. He goes around the world as far as Egypt, hunting for that treasure, but finally finds it under the same tree in his village. So the same is with us!

In the first Bodh I still distinctly remember many of us asking that we would like to meet Dadashreeji personally for our queries and we were all told ‘pray to Him and ask for answers to your internal Dadashreeji and you will get the messages in various ways, either through paper, magazine, through a friend or dreams’ and I had a hearty laugh at this.

But then messages started coming whenever I would feel deeply connected with Him and looking for an answer. It could be through hoardings that would suddenly flash at that moment of connection giving straight the answer of what I was looking for, sometimes it was written on a vehicle (part of an ad or some statement), and at times it was a sign of something that I was meant to do.

Following are some of these signs…

While driving, saw this on the back of autorickshaw –circled in red (written in devanagri script ‘Dadanchi krupa’- which means grace of Dada)


This was really miraculous in Rome while taking a walk near a cathedral, a gelataria (icecream shop) had this name DADA!



In Auroville, near Chennai, I had 15 min to buy something for the mission and as I was lost…. I saw this shop named ‘Kalki’ the Divine Avataar, guided me straight to the first counter and I got what I wanted!


At a coffee shop next to ‘Colloseum’, in Rome… as European brothers and sisters sat for a coffee, again ‘Kalki’ Avataar blessing us!


Same has been the experience of so many in our parivaar….

It can become a book of ‘Divine Signs’. Requesting others to add their similar stories and pics!

~ Mitra Sut