Just stand there!

Editor’s Note –

One can never truly understand the workings of the Divine, we just have to have faith and do our bit. Once in a session Dada was asked, “How to reach out to people?” and Dada smiled and replied’ “You just have to go and stand there”.
One such experience of a Mitra, who just went and stood there, and help was rendered to the person who needed it most.
Dada and His Leela…
MitraKaivalya,.. in his own words –

I was on a trip to London. The person who invited me, told to come for 2 days. So I booked a flight ticket for 2 days. The person who asked me to come had difficulties arranging venue and people. So as I came, there were no people and no venue was available to have meditations. So I went internal and then went to the famous Hyde park corner. As it was early in the year only one other person was there, where normally dozens of speaker entertain the crowds. So I placed Dadashreeji’s Shrimurthy and on a paper I wrote “Serving Humanity“ to at least let people passing by understand what I was doing there. First day passed. I was sitting on the floor and meditating and praying. Tourists came by and took a picture. That was the only interaction I had if one could call it interaction. I didn’t get a chance to talk to anybody.

Second day came. Again I was on my own. Later afternoon a very tall man with black hair, black beard and big black glasses stood 2 meters away from me. He asked me what are you doing here. I told him I’m helping people. He said he had no money. I told him I will not take any money from you. So he came closer and sat down. Now I could see that his hair was artificial, his beard was artificial, his face and his chest was covered with plastic surgery. His beard he just colored with a black pen.

So the man told me his story as people from the country he came, chased him for religious reasons, and poured acid over his head, face and body.

I gave him what Dada gave me and asked him if he would accept a gift from me. He said yes so I gave him my last money which he refused. I told him it would make me happy if he would enjoy that money. So he took it and walked away.

~ Mitra Kaivalya



When I look within me,
Your Lotus Feet I see.
With my eyes open,
There is a blurred yet intense Divine Light formation.

In long beautiful roads where I drive
Suddenly, in the distance You arrive.
When I fold my hands to pray,
Ever more closer to me You stay.

With my each laughter, I feel You rejoice.
In my each sorrow, I sense Your remorse.

You exist in my shadow, You flow in my breath.
Your love. Your Grace. Your warm embrace….

Make me Yours Dada, make me so pure.
That when I look in the mirror, the image is YOU.

~ Maitreyi Anjita

Experience Him…

“If you experience me, you experience true unconditional love within. If you experience true love and truth, you experience me.”- Dadashreeji

How can you pen this experience? Can I try?
What do I write?
 How do I begin?

Cause no words in human dictionary have capability of truly capturing this experience!

This experience of experiencing Dadashreeji…. Let me connect with Him internally
 and wait.. 

Yes here it is now…
The heart expanding … bursting…
Out of some inexpressible feeling…
May I call it Peace… Calmness…. Love? 
May be…!
 There the unmistakable tears start rolling…. Not out of sorrow
, But as if a volcano up surging within!
 Again I search for words… Of Love?…. 
Its much more !!

 There are pothis and pothis (giant texts) on how to reach that final destination.
 Ultimate end point of all these is to discover that ONENESS AND LOVE within….and drown into that experience….. to become that experience….LOVE ……

and what all these pothis describe!!!! So many methods, techniques, ways to painstakingly try and reach there….
Even after doing all that… there is no guarantee you will become that Love… cause the final transformation is bestowed only and only by divine grace.

And here… Dadashreeji says (in the first part)…
just simply experience Him..
and you are on your way there….

Experience this yourself…..
Cause this experience is individualistic …..
personal…. Begins with His bond…. connection
And with this experience,
the journey begins
TRUTH starts revealing….

Dadashreeji Sharanam

~ Mitra Sut