A Master’s words fulfilled.

Editors Note: The following experience was shared by a Sevak recently in Seattle. Dadashreeji, currently on a USA tour, conducted Bodh in the city. 
The writer – Vijayji, opened up his home and heart for Dadashreeji and the accompanying team by shifting out of his house for the week and allowing the team full services and use of his home.
After experiencing Dada’s Love and Grace and spending some precious moments in His presence, Vijayji, shared his experience and the deep sense of connection he felt in Dada’s presence.

In Vijayji’s words – as a mail written to the Sevak Team.

Hello (addressed to the sevak),

Hope things are going well & you are busy as ever – planning and working for the Chicago Bodh. I admire your energy in this regard.

It was really joyful to see & be in the company of Dadashreeji this past week. I would like to thank Him for the opportunity to interact with Him so closely.

What strikes me is His simplicity and kindness. Even in the middle of critical times (like the time i almost caused all of you to miss your outbound flight), He was very calm and was more concerned if we had eaten our breakfast. Not for a second did i see Him disturbed.

I am not so spiritually evolved to claim miraculous visions etc. Despite that, I can definitely say that at times my head would feel a tingling sensation around the crown/ top portion & many times I would have tears in my eyes when I was talking to Him.

For me, the most memorable part will always be His decision to stay in my small apartment. It is more so significant due to following –

Around 2003 or so, i came across a real Master in India. Appaji as we called him, lived 2 minutes walk from my parents home. I would visit Him often when i was in India. He had once blessed me a spiritual experience that leads me to believe that He was no ordinary soul.

Before His passing away, He had mentioned that He would visit my home in the US & that He would come and stay at our place for 8 – 10 days with everyone. While that did not happen (as He passed away in 2009), His words remained with me & i wondered about their significance – since i do believe that a Master does not make idle talk.

It was indeed more than a coincidence for me when Dadashreeji decided to stay in our Kirkland apartment & Appaji’s words immediately came to my mind – I knew in my own mind that Dadashreeji was visiting in place of Appaji & that He was thus fulfilling what Appaji had said few years ago.

I really feel very happy that i had the opportunity to meet Dadashreeji & hope my connection with Him will grow & flourish with His blessings.


~ Vijayji

An Offering

Offer your nose and My Perfume shall be smelt

Offer your ears and My Music shall be heard

Offer your skin and My Touch shall be felt

Offer your mouth and My Song shall be sung

Offer your eyes and My Face shall be seen

Offer your mind and My Essence shall be understood

Offer your heart and My Love shall be felt

Offer your being and My Grace shall fill all emptiness

~ Maitreyi Jagruti

I will be your Dada

That little girl..
Sitting on His right side
looking at Him
with her eyes full of love
They both smile
for a while
He puts His hand on her head
and tells her to go
to play outside
She gets up
twinkling her eyes
Looks at Him tilting her head to a side
runs to His favorite bush
and comes back fast
to be by His side again..
She wishes she could
strung those beautiful jasmines
in the thread of her love for Him
Sitting close to Him again
she shows Him what she’s got for Him
and gives Him each flower
like she’s giving her soul
Baba, smiles..
with tears in His eyes
overwhelmed with her love
Looks into her deep eyes
and says
I will be your Dada 🙂
Our love will never be erased!

~ Maitreyi Shraddha