His infallible guidance

“I may appear asleep, but will wake up the moment you get lost.” – Dadashreeji

Once I had the privilege to drive Divine Friend Dadashreeji from the ashram (near Karjat) to Mumbai city. An event, on the previous day in the ashram went on till late night as devotees’ endless questions had kept pouring in and no one wanted to leave the Divine Energies felt in the ashram superadded with the nectar that kept pouring quenching the thirst for answers that Dadashreeji so patiently keeps giving (this is a normal thing to happen in ashram, whenever Dadashreeji would address the seekers). It was as if the lost soul had finally found its Source and that Divine confrontation with its Creator creates internal raptures of bliss, although the majorities were never aware of this astral phenomenon externally. Master’s love towards His devotees would keep Him up till late night as He would work incessantly even through the night at astral level.

So while driving, the physical body deprived of the normal rest went off to sleep in the car. It was a rainy day and as I carefully kept driving, suddenly at cross roads, I found myself lost whether to take the road to the left or the right (this was during one of my earlier trips to the ashram). And alas! In a second I found Dadashreeji (who I felt was fast asleep) actually up and alert as a hawk, asking me to take the turn towards the right and then said, “I may appear asleep, but will wake up the moment you get lost. Even in reality although I may appear unconcerned, but am aware of each and every move of my devotee. The moment one is lost in his path, I will be right there to give the correct direction.”

What a profound statement and so much concern! Just like a mother to a little child. And this concern of Dadashreeji and His guidance most of us have experienced and felt time and again at the appropriate time, when we are lost, when we are down, when we are helpless and clueless, when we don’t know what to do next. It’s like a miracle how the most appropriate guidance comes, just at that helpless moment and we connect to Him internally. Having read so many stories of how the Lord helped a bhakta (devotee), like the Gajendra (the king elephant), who was not only saved from the death nares of the wicked crocodile, but was given the highest salvation OR the helpless Draupadi saved of the worst shame in Kaurava’s court in Mahabharata. These stories so inspiring, we always wondered whether it could happen in our own lives! Any devotee who has been able to establish a connection with the Divine Friend Dadashreeji, who experiences Him in his/her heart are now as if insulated from the tortures of the world. The suffering and pain will come as it has to, depending upon what one has to learn and on his/her karmas. But one gets protection and strength to go through them and an instantaneous help to resolve them faster… what a profound gift to have.

Thank you Dadashreeji for being Here and Now!

– Mitra Sut

My Journey with Dada

Yes, I have been spiritually inclined towards rituals, prayers, mythology, Gods and Goddesses, all sources & ways which lead me to “something” mystical, “something” peaceful and “something” which elevates my state of consciousness. My life provided me ways to meet that source in many ways and many forms to experience that “something”. Its been a beautiful ride from being ritualistic, being stubborn in my beliefs, doing acts of abstinence from all issues materialistic to being in a state of wonderment of what real spirituality is. The many ways I am talking about, conditioned, altered and re-aligned me to reach an iota of what spirituality is. And the journey continues with my Divine Friend, “DADASHREEJI” who I address as “Dada”.

I have been a follower of teachings, from Oneness University, by my Masters “Amma and Bhagavan”. They provided me insights of what spirituality is. I was exposed to the real “ME” and the teachings continue to introduce me to myself. However, there was that “something”, which blocked my real experience about the teachings learned over the years.

This block was further simplified by Mrs. Smita Jayakar, who has played a vital role in introducing me to spirituality. She introduced me to Dada and I attended Dada’s first session in December 2013.

The thought of leaving my former Masters troubled me whenever I attended Dada’s sessions. However, Dada clarified that one should not leave any of his Masters or beliefs to realize and experience His teachings. Dada explained that it’s time for humanity to unlearn their conditionings, beliefs and really experience the Truth.

What drove me closer to Dada? There is an aura about Dada, a simplified way of answering a seeker which actually got me closer to Dada. I have attended Bodh 1 twice. The second time I attended Bodh 1, Dada called me by my name. This act of Dada instantly connected me to Dada. Being acknowledged meant a lot for me.

Being around Dada, I have still not got the opportunity to experience Divinity in a mystical form. But Dada has surely introduced me to the real “ME” within. The concept of “Antaryamin”, the in-dweller is getting stronger day by day. I have been receiving messages from various sources, which are continuously guiding me towards the real “ME” within. Divinity for me has always been in a form of an image or a statue. Off late, Dada has introduced me to the formless, an energy source which is not only externally available but also internally available.

Life is still the same, the same routine but with a different outlook towards it. Unlearning the learning, experiencing your true emotions has become real for me. Jealousy, hatred, guilt are no more bad emotions. They continue to still live with me, however, the charge which they carry is diminishing. My personal experience and interaction with Dada has introduced me to many things about myself right from taking a stand in life, voicing my opinion to saying a plain “NO”. The things which I never expressed have become simpler to express without being judgmental about them. Guilt trips have reduced as there is clarity on things which I can do and things which I cannot do. The feeling of being alone has transformed my understanding of enjoying my own company. Dada introduced me to service, “Seva” in the self-less form. Being human to the other human is what I have learned being with Dada. Most importantly, my expectations of a simple “thank you” for work done by me are slowly wading off. The mind games, the ego have been taken over by the Divinity within. I struggled with my mind and the games it played through out, but now an understanding that all exists the way it should exist. The conflicts with mind are dissolving day by day as Divinity is taking over to channelize my efforts required at the right moment and the right time. I have realized that for anything to manifest all I need to do is to take that effort and let Divinity take over. Actions are important to grow spiritually.

Dada has become part of my life introducing me to the real “ME”, guiding me in all the ups and downs which I am supposed to face to achieve my real purpose in life.

I cannot conclude with this note on my experiences with Dada as the journey continues to experience that “something”.

Dada Sharanam

– Mitra Deven