Simply Surrender to His will…

“Simply surrender to HIS WILL …Ask nothing in return…and experience the shower of Grace in your life.”- Dadashreeji

 What is surrender?
 How can I surrender?
 Isn’t surrender stupidity… letting someone else control you? Take charge of you?

The famous saint Meerabai, had surrendered herself to the will of Lord Krishna. Though living with her husband prince Bhojraj (Rana), she rejected all corporeal matters and rejected all her princely luxuries. In fact she faced such severe acts of criticism and rebuke within the royal family and the society, that she left the royal palace wandering like a nomad singing hymns and parables of her lord Krishna, roaming around on the streets openly, revolting all the norms of the then ultra-disciplined society. Meerabai can send a chill through the spine of even today’s so called modern society, of what she did then, in that period.

The question is … is all this worth surrendering??!! Today the majority of men and women are running behind getting that extra bit… to get a car or to move from a small car to a luxurious car.. or a home which forever feels small, wishing for that one extra bedroom…. and so on, and so forth.. And here is a woman who left all the royal princely luxuries … and down straight to the streets!!!

What’s more… as someone asked, isn’t this madness?? When Meerabai could have used her money, clout, princely status for the betterment of the
 society and yet continue her bhakti to her Lord!!! Perhaps a modern intellectual person would have thought of that. Her husband who was fighting wars for his kingdom, providing bread and butter and feeding his people…. isn’t that such a great service to the society…. than this mad woman roaming around the streets… singing for her Lord, rather for herself, just for her own things… isn’t this a stupid selfish act!

And yet today.. Meerabai is a source of inspiration to the millions and Ranaji has been forgotten! The little parables she wrote on the streets has helped thousands to experience the Divine Love, which can have such deep impact on the one who understands and feels it, that even the best of the scholars, the highest literary ranker will fail to convey!

Well… welcome to the world of “TRUE SURRENDER”
SURRENDER doesn’t measure or weigh pros and cons, of what one offers, in order to get something in return. LET’S NOT FOOL OURSELVES. We pretend to surrender but the TRUTH IS WE SURRENDER ONLY TO THAT EXTENT, WHICH WILL NOT TAKE US AWAY FROM OUR COMFORT ZONE. Our surrender is incisively weighed like a wanik (businessman). And many of us live in that BIG ILLUSION … that “OH, I HAVE SURRENDERED MYSELF”! And then we complain, “After doing so much, giving so much, doing all, I am not growing spiritually”!

The above quote by Dadashreeji is so simple, yet conveys a most profound truth…. WHEN YOU SURRENDER, YOU EXPERIENCE GRACE!
 It’s the simple law of physics that water flows from high to low level. It can never be reversed…unless you defy the law of gravity, use a motor-power to push it against gravity. Today Divinity in the form of Dadashreeji, has blessed so many thousands of us giving that initial boost, initial motor-power by showering His unconditional grace to get that glimpse of the ultimate TRUTH, of LOVE… but beyond a certain point Divinity cannot go against His own laws that He has made. Eventually you need to give all, your entire being to be able to receive His grace 100% and at every moment.

Mind you surrender does not mean to give away all your money, as many feel that surrender is to give away one’s home, all the bank balances and the hard earned material things. Surrender is a state of mind… when one is in that state FULLY… Then that allows Divinity to take away from you all that ‘kachra’, the dirt, the things that you are so crazily attached to, which is hampering your own growth, your own journey to reach the TRUTH

Surrender cannot follow any rules… it simply is… and happens….!
 Surrender happens when those insurmountable feelings of LOVE seep into your being, into your every cell! Doesn’t this happen when one falls in love considering this even in the worldly sense. Love changes the whole life making you surrender to not only that person, but help you smoothly sail through the storms and drudgeries of life.

But alas! The worldly love is Fleeting! Ephemeral! Transient!
 Today Dadashreeji is that INCARNATION OF TRUE LOVE., which you have to simply experience by being in His presence. That LOVE HAS NO WORDS, NO EXPRESSIONS…. By EXPERIENCING that LOVE., you will begin the journey of surrender… SUCH A SIMPLE AND EASY WAY THAT THE DIVINE HAS CHOSEN FOR THIS ‘YUGA’ AGE!

More on this as questions come…

-Mitra Sut


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