A devotee’s heartfelt poem for her Divine Friend Dadashreeji.

ऐसा क्या है तुझमें कि

जिक्र तेरा आते ही

मैं बच्ची बन जाती हूँ

अविरल बहते अपने आंसुओं को

रोक ही नहीं पाती हूँ

तेरी कृपा के एहसास में

खुद को डूबा हुआ पाती हूँ

मन करता है फिर एक बार पहले की तरह

उँगली थाम कर चलूँ तेरी

अपनी हर चिंता हर परेशानी सौंप कर तुझे

उड़ू निष्फिक्र सी मैं बावरी

भूख लगे जब भी मुझे

तेरे हाथों से दो निवाले खा लूँ

सोँऊ जब भी मैं  तेरे आँचल तले

तेरी मीठी सी लोरी का मजा पा लूँ।

आपके चरण कमलों में

सीमा गुप्ता

The Journey!!

All throughout the journey has been towards –

Financial gains,

Social status,

Ego satisfaction,

Brands and the bling!

Ohh my Dada as my soul was touched by you,

Since then the journey has been inwards –



Emotional satisfaction,

No bling only bliss.

Thank you Dadashreeji for your infinite unconditional love!

Surrendered at your lotus feet always!!

Rahul Kalia






An unforgettable experience with Divine Friend Dadashreeji at Peace within Retreat, Dunagiri.

My experience of the Dunagiri Retreat is so profound and deep that ‘granths’ (holy books) can be written on it. In this article, I am just sharing one feeling that I experienced post retreat when I returned home. This would give a glimpse of the retreat that was too profound for words to capture it.

Generally, when I return home from a holiday the first thing I do is to unpack my suitcase. Put the soiled clothes to wash and then begins the routine. But, after this retreat I didn’t want to unpack my soiled clothes from the suitcase. As these soiled clothes had the soil and memories from all the treks that we had gone to with our Divine Friend Dadashreeji. This soil was a witness to all the sublime moments of experiencing supreme Divine Love in all its magnificent facets at the picturesque retreat at Dunagiri. The soiled clothes were my prized possessions and more precious than the crystals, silverware and jewelry that I had in my house.

This Peace within retreat with Dadashreeji made me experience so much love in my heart that it is the only place where want to be. The invigorating memories are flowing and what remains is peace and joy.

Thank you Dadashreeji, and the entire cosmos for making it possible for me to participate in the Divine Retreat; as it has transformed my entire being.


Maitreyi Mamta.


It was in January 2018, during the Pongal holidays that we planned to visit Tirumala Hills for having darshan of Lord Balaji. We had planned everything in advance and had booked the darshan tickets as well, two months prior to our visit. Before starting the Journey, I prayed to Dadashreeji, that our visit should be special one as we were visiting Tirumala after many years.
For travelling from Coimbatore to Tirupathi, I had booked tickets by train. On the day of the Journey, we reached the station well in time. But to our shock and dismay, the special train was running late by 6hrs. Now if we wait for the train, the next day program at Tirumala would not be possible. We had to start our journey somehow to reach Tirumala by at least late night.
Hence, we decided to take a bus to Salem, which is enroute to Tirupathi. We reached the bus stand and immediately boarded a bus to Salem. On the way, we were told that that there is train to Kattpadi from Salem at 2pm. We reached Salem by 1pm and immediately rushed to the railway station to catch the train to Kattpadi. With great difficulty we boarded this train, it was very crowded and we could not even stand comfortably in the train.
It was in this difficult situation, that I remembered Dada and said “Dada why so much of problems to reach Tirumala? I had prayed for a special tour and you are giving this. Anyways, it is your will that we have to go through this suffering; I accept it and will go through it”. The moment this thought crossed my mind, something changed in me, I felt more calm, more relaxed.
In a few moments, a lot of passengers alighted at the next station and we got seats to sit. The rest of the journey was comfortable and we reached Tirumala at midnight and found that the gatekeeper was waiting for us. Thanks to Divine Grace we were not left in the cold!
The next day being Makara Sankranthi, we had an early morning visitor to our Guest House. A friend’s friend, who works in the Temple came with lot of Prasad from the temple. It was a blessing to receive the sacred Prasad on the auspicious day. We had the Prasad and distributed it to all the guests at the guest house as well.
We had a beautiful darshan of the Lord Balaji in a record 30 minutes, which usually takes minimum 2 to 3hrs. It was ALL His Grace that He made it truly SPECIAL. One thing, I learnt from this tour was just to flow, with the flow, accepting it as His Divine Will and Everything will be truly Divine and beautiful at the End!!!

In gratitude and love,

At Your Lotus Feet,

Maitreyi Roopa.

My Dada, my Inner Voice.

Driving a car in heavy traffic is a big pain especially when you know that auto drivers and bikers will just cut lanes and come from anywhere. At such a time, the sensors in a car are extremely helpful. They start beeping when something comes close to the car and warn danger. The closer the other object comes, the faster the sensors beep, alarming you to stop, slow down or go the other way.
Once you start driving a car with sensors, you will not be able to drive without it simply because they make life so much simpler and easier. The new age cars come with in-built sensors. One can also get them installed on your own later.

Lucky for us, we all come with in-built sensors – the inner voice of the Divine within us. It guides us at all times on its own. When we are about to bang into something harmful, take the wrong turn or so much as even give the wrong indicator to a new choice, it starts beeping – guiding us from within. Depending on the traffic noises outside of us (read influence of the mind, situations, our connection with ourselves internally and many more such factors), the guiding inner voice may get dimmed. We may not be able to hear it at all times but it surely beeps. The stronger your connection with it, the stronger the voice will be at every step of your life.

Immensely grateful to Dadashreeji, for reconnecting us with our Inner Divine and blessing us with Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan to re-establish and strengthen our bond with the Divine.

In gratitude and love,

At Your Lotus Feet.

Maitreyi Anjita

The Chinese Roses

Dada Sharanam,

This incident happened in the month of March. I have certain hanging plants in my house, like the white Chinese Roses – my favourite! However, due to some fungus the plant had started to wilt. I tried hard to save that plant, but in vain. I sat in front of the Shreemurti and suddenly my gaze turned towards the glass of water that I keep for the Dadashreeji. I drank some of it and decided to pour the remaining water to my dying plant. I prayed to Dada, asking Him to please save it. After almost a week, I saw the first ray of hope when my plant began to bloom with small white flowers all over. Dadashreeji’s teertha (blessed holy water) worked its magic. This is been thoroughly the work of the Divine and the blessed water.

Thank you, Dadashreeji for answering my prayer and for this beautiful experience.
Rupali Umbargikar-Bidwai

The Miraculous Escape

Dada Sharnam Everyone,

My name is Varun Zaveri and I fly as a crew member with the Swiss International Airlines. I would like to share this incident which happened with me on my flight from Mumbai to Zurich. All passengers & crew were on board and we were ready to take off. As a part of my daily routine, I always pray to Dadashreeji before the plane takes off. The aircraft engines started rolling and the airplane was running on full speed for the take-off when suddenly the aircraft started to shake violently. The entire plane was vibrating & the passengers sitting next to the engine saw sparks coming out of the engine. One of the engines had actually stopped working. The captain of the airplane immediately pushed the break buttons to the max and the airplane stopped after rolling a few meters away on the main runway itself. To my surprise fire trucks reached there within 2-3 minutes & hosed down the entire aircraft. The only thing that came to my mind was that Dadashreeji had just saved all of us. I felt His strong presence around me and offered my gratitude to Him. He had not only saved my life that fateful day, but also those of the 232 souls aboard. This is just one of the instances of the many when one connects with a true Master. He is always by your side, protecting and guiding constantly with unconditional love for one and all.

Varun Zaveri