The Divine Within. 

“O Mother you take away the sufferings of your devotees, you are the Mother of the universe; let Your mercy shine on all.”
I came to Mumbai when I was in 12th standard, being away from my family and staying in a new city altogether took its toll on me. 
I used to spend my days and nights crying and yearning for my mother’s love. I probably cannot explain the lack of love I experienced during those times. 
And due to the lack of love, I would suffer. Then one day a very dear friend gave me Maa Kaali’s idol and told me to worship it with complete surrender and passion. 
From that day on, Maa became my best friend. I would sit for hours and hours infront of Her and talk to Her. I would share each and everything with Her. Before eating anything I would offer to Her. I formed a bond of Love with Maa.
And then I experienced Maa, after worshipping Her ardently, finally She became a part of me. Anything I would do She would be with me. At night when I would sleep, She would keep Her hand on my head. I could feel Her presence so strongly.
Till date Maa is an integral part of my life, rather She is me and I am Her. I am nothing without Maa. I would urge all of you to connect to your Divine Mother internally and experience the pure unconditional love that I have experienced.
I feel immense gratitude for my Divine Friend Dadashreeji, He guided me and taught me how to connect internally. We are all so blessed to have found our  Divine Father right here on Earth. 
Thank You Dadashreeji for making me experience the love of Maa. 
At your lotus feet,

In gratitude.


The vast ocean of mercy – My Dadashreeji

I am sharing my experience I had after a Bodh was conducted at our place. After my dad’s demise, I was going through a very abysmal time of my life. I had multiple failures in different fronts. I could not share or talk to anyone about my grief. 
On august 28th due to Divine Grace, two Mitrs from Maitribodh Parivaar graced our humble home. The positive energy that they brought along energized and lifted the fogginess that enveloped mom and me.
Fortunately Dadashreeji decided to have  a Bodh at our house. After that Divine event, I had a unique experience. That night I was feeling very uneasy and restless. My body was radiating lots of heat and I was tossing and turning in the bed. 
At some point I fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of our house ‘Parijat’ in India. The configuration of the house appeared to be different. I saw my late grandma, our helper, Sushilaben, and Pujaniya Dadashreeji dressed in white with a kafni covering His head. He greeted me with a very warm and welcoming smile, and asked me to sit down in front of Him. He then placed one hand on my head and a silver arrow emerged from the crown of my head. The arrow eventually became a thin line which circled around me and dissipated. 
After this, Dadashreeji spoke to me in hindi saying, “Ab apki saari kathinaayi khatam hui” He added that all my desires from now onwards will be fulfilled. He said  all this in Hindi and I don’t comprehend Hindi, but for some reason I was able to understand each and every word. I wish this dream never ended. 
Today, my mother was talking about her  experience in Premgiri Ashram, and in that she mentioned that Dadashreeji had told her that He would communicate through a dream, but He did not specify whether it would be through her or me. Putting the pieces together, I was the one who recieved His Grace and Blessings. After yesterday, I feel like I have been reborn and have blossomed with joy, happiness, and faith.

In gratitude and eternal love


My Connection 

I could not call myself an atheist since I believed there was some higher power but at the same time had not found my connection then. There were many questions about ’god ‘, ‘religion’, ‘rituals’ that hounded me. They grew by the day… so intense was this urge to know that i stopped worshipping the deities and performing rituals since I could not relate to them. In desperation tears would flow ceaselessly seeking for guidance. I wanted to know the purpose of my life… my existence… there had to be something more to mundane world. Despite of having everything (a lovely family, loving children…) there was a great void, something was missing. With tears flowing my only prayer would be that if something higher existed it had to reveal itself and guide me. 

Then one fine day (dec 2012) my brother-in-law called, telling me about a guru/master called ‘Dadashree ji’ in Karjat who conducted spiritual sessions called ‘Bodh’.   I shuddered at the thought of going to a ‘guru’. How could someone a (human), in flesh and blood just like me guide everybody (ignorance at its best)? None in our family or past generations had ever had guru’s. So, after much deliberation, gathered some courage and went with an open mind to seek answers.

At the ashram, the participants were told to write queries on a notepad, which I had in plenty. My questions ran into pages as I jotted them down (wanted no question to be left unanswered). As the session was about to begin an unassuming, young, simple, down to earth man entered the ashram Dhyaankshetra. He was Dadashreeji. He was bombarded with all sorts of questions during the session. I had my share of questions too, but the best part was that all my questions were answered without asking! Not once did I have to ask. Dadashreeji’s words, “You do not have to follow me, I am here to answer your queries and connect you to your divinity”, were intermittently playing within (who on earth says something like this, that too in this era!). 

 Amidst all this, felt like I was home, felt profound peace descend my being. It was a two-day session, soon the time to leave came but I did not feel like leaving the place, as if that was where I belonged.  I believe, I had found my connection!

Life continued like it was, but my entire perspective of looking at things had changed. There was no chatter within, total peace, everything was still. Felt like being in a different world, a different awareness. My entire being was overflowing with love and happiness, there was nothing but a constant smile and love for one and all, total bliss. Felt like running down the street hugging one and all (was not a great hugger earlier). The feeling and realization of oneness had set in and was literally experiencing it, so much so that was feeling one with a blade of grass too. It was nothing short of a spiritual awakening!

It is rightly said that, ‘ When the disciple is ready the master appears!’  God manifests in the form of a guru/master to erase our ignorance. For me it is ‘Dada’! Now I know why I couldn’t connect with any other form of divinity earlier.

Dadashreeji has been constantly guiding me. He is an epitome of Love! The journey of experiences and learnings continues, there is much to learn at every step and he is teaching us how to live life giving the strength, acceptance, patience and tolerance to sail through it with grace and making it meaningful!  

Can’t thank Dadashreeji enough for being here in this era for the entire humanity!

Love you eternally Dada!

Varsha Maheshwari, Pune, India


I used take a small white flower from a tree at my workplace and offer it to my office Dadashreeji shrimurti almost everyday. Since the winter set in, the tree stopped bearing flowers and it had been quite a bit since I last offered a flower. However, last week, as I was leaving my office, I saw another patch of yellow flowers and thought that I could take these instead.

Today, as I was walking towards my office building, I remembered the yellow flowers that I wanted to offer since last week. I separated from my colleagues and started moving towards that patch. But as I reached the plant, I was a little hesitant in plucking the flower. I really wanted to offer the flower, but probably the thought of someone seeing and disapproving the act of plucking flowers stopped me.

Still in a dilemma I let the plant be and rejoined with my colleagues. In my heart, I was still longing for the flower and wishing that I could offer it to my Dada.

We reached the office entrance as the security guard held opened the door for us. The two colleagues accompanying me entered the door, and just before I could enter myself, the guard stopped me.

He smiled at me and said, “Sir, this is for you!” and handed me the yellow flower. For a few seconds, I could not register what had just happened. We would exchange smiles everyday, but a flower was something he had never given me before.

As I offered the flower to my office Dada, I realised – this is what Shravan truly is. Each and every moment, He listens to children express themselves – in joy, sorrow, love, anger – patiently. He listens to  the prayers of His children even when they don’t speak. 

Dada Sharanam

In Humility and Surrender

Mitr Prawesh.

My Dada, My Hope

​I was 6years old when I got a hearing problem. It was so severe that the doctors had advised to undergo surgery. I was really scared. I had to visit a doctor after every 3months for checkup.

 I started avoiding people. Eventually I got my left ear operated. Even then I wasn’t  able to hear 100% correctly.

When I was 15,  I met DADASHREEJI. That very day I got so connected to Him just like a daughter. I have no words to describe my gratitude towards Him. By His GRACE, I am absolutely fine now and I am able to listen and speak without any hesitation, I have gained my confidence back. 
It’s been 3years I have not visited any doctor and not taken any medicine. 

Thank you DADA for this beautiful miracle in my life.

Yashveen Chugh

For He is always watching.

​So here I am again to share a blissful moment of my life which transcends beyond unconditional love. 

In the autumn of my youthhood, the only moment of spring is the day when family and friends jubilantly celebrate my coming to the world to them. For me it is the January 6, when I was born from the cradle of my mother’s womb and felt the divinely touch of my parents for the first time. Although I do not have the faintest of the memories of that moment, but who does not want to relish the special day of their birth in the lap of their parents. A lot things has happened in my life between my first birthday and the recent one, i.e yesterday. Some good some bad and some heart breaking.The absence of my father and yearning for his warmth within, did not allow me to live the day. But these are mere expressions of a being who still lived in the material world.

However, what motivated me to confront the day was my spiritual growth and my beautiful encounter with Dadashreeji (my father, my Divine Friend), who helped me transform myself and gave me courage to accept the day; as it was not just the day when I was born. It was the day when my parents were reborn. It was the day, I was meant to celebrate, love myself; not just to make myself happy, but for people whose happiness was attached to that of mine.

I began my day and sought the blessings of my parents and Dada. Innumerable wishes poured in, but the child within me still waited for her father. My eyes went numb, yearning for his warmth; “when will my father visit me and wish me Happy Birthday”.

I reached my University and decided to carry forward the day as yet another one. But no sooner on reaching, I received a call from my close circuit of friends who wished to surprise me. We agreed to gather at a place and later enjoy lunch together. Gifts and wishes kept on pouring, but my heart longed for that unconditional love. My eyes looked around everywhere, I became restless in search of my father; though I contained myself and agreed to live in the moment. I said to myself that, probably it is this very moment which served as a medium that my father, my Dada wanted me relish.

But it was Dada again, my father who surprised me yet another time. A hand covered my eyes from behind, and I in no moment screamed Chitti (Maasi). Joy rushed through me on seeing her and my little brother. I had indeed not expected such a surprise. She handed me a bag wrapped with two gifts inside. My desire to open the package instinctively rose, but I resisted. I knew there would be something special.

In the evening when I reached the University, I quickly rushed to car set all gifts aside and began opening the package gifted to me by my Chitti (Maasi). I was already warned to open the package with utmost care, which cumulated my excitement further. Initially I assumed it to be a childhood photograh of myself with her. But as I proceeded further and unwrapped the package, I was astounded. Beneath was my father, my Dada who came to wish me on my birthday. The moment froze for me. Tears trembled down my eyes. I held Dada’s Shreemurti close to my chest and thanked him for everything. I couldn’t have asked for more. I wallowed again in nostalgia. My Chitti (Maasi) became the messenger of my father, my Dada to send all the love, grace and wishes across to his daughter.

I kneeled and expressed my gratitude and relived the experience of my Dada’s grace. After all he never stops loving you. 

I love you Dada, my Father, my Divine Friend.


My Shining Sun, My Dada.

​I was penning down memories in my diary and I thought to share it with everyone.
A stone, a leaf, a door, and of all forgotten faces. Which of us has looked into his/her father? Which of us has not remained forever in a prison-pent? Which of us is not forever a stranger and alone.
 Remembering speechlessly the great forgotten language, the lost lane into the heaven.
Oh so lost, and grieved, Dada reached out to us.
It was bright Sunday morning, all excited to attend a session with Dadashreeji.(Awakening with Dadashreeji on December 18, 2016).We decided to reach the Ashram using public transport. I was indeed looking forward to it, as i was new to the city. Soon from Panvel Station we boarded the bus which led us to Karjat Bus Stand. We comfortably reached Karjat and I could no longer contain my excitement to meet Dada. On reaching the bus-stand, I found the place completely deserted as though there a bus strike. 
After waiting for a while, we decided to take a Rikshaw to reach the Ashram. We suitably found a Rickshaw-wala who agreed on dropping us at the Ashram on a stipulated amount of money. My anxiety to see Dada kept multiplying.
 Uninterruptedly my prayers continued, to reach the Ashram on time. “My father has to wait for me. He loves me unconditionally”. I kept murmuring internally.
But disguise struck us, when the Rickshaw-wala stopped at a remote corner, where it was difficult to find another means to reach our desired destination. The Rickshaw-wala insisted that he shall not go any further unless we paid him an extra sum. In due course we tried to stop many cars which passed by, but none stopped.  
Meanwhile, we were trying to convince the Rickshaw-wala; but he remained adamant.  
Incidentally a car stopped. We asked whether or not they were heading towards the Ashram. They said “yes”. In no time we jumped out of the Rickshaw with joy filled in our eyes. But disguise again struck us. The car driver apologised for misunderstanding the place and instead was heading towards on a opposite direction where there was a wedding. He then left immediately.
I was looking at it with a defeated hope. But some say that a defeated hope is in itself a hope too, only it doesn’t breath in the face of the Sun.
Enslaved by my human exasperation of a defeated hope, I turned to my Dada, who like Sun faced me, and mesmerised me by his shine. And then something magnanimous happened.

The car which left us and drove away some 2 miles ahead, came back to take us to our Divine Friend (my Dada, My Father). “Our Dada came to us that day to take us to Him, Himself”. 
Being a social science researcher my rationality falls short of explaining this experience. To myself I said, “And why should not I wallow in nostalgia of my Father, My Divine Friend, if thats what it takes to rejuvenate my energy and transcend the silver line which makes a human from being alone and withered to being loved and merciful”.

With this thought I thanked  the driver for his service, who had driven us all the way opposite to the Ashram which was somewhere over 6 miles.
Under thd blue sky it was a live experience of my Dada’s  Grace.  He never stops looking after you.

I love you Dada, my Father, My Divine Friend. 🙏

R. Nivedita